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Based on a true story, Rise is the story of Will, a young nurse falsely convicted of rape and sentenced to maximum-security prison. The story focuses on his unlikely friendship with a hardened fellow inmate, and the lawyer making sacrifices on the outside to get him out.

Writer-director Mack Lindon is that nurse, and Rise is his story. It’s personal to him. It means something. I hope the process of creation was cathartic for him because he understandably has some demons to exorcise.

The movie paints a pretty fair portrayal of both guards and prisoners, a rarity among prison movies. The movie doesn’t seek to make devils out of anyone, not even the woman whose lies have condemned him. It’s more a story of struggle and survival. However, I still would have liked to have at least heard from his accuser. Her voice is absent from the movie and that only raises red flags.

Prison is a degrading experience for anyone – but what does it do to an innocent man?