Rebel Without A Cause

We’re travelling home today, which means we’ll probably be watching something god-awful on the plane which you’ll likely have to read me whine about in tomorrow’s post. But today we can still bask in the glow of our wonderful California trip.

james-dean-at-griffith-observatoryRebel Without a Cause is a too-cool movie about too-cool kids and their fast, fast cars (and morals!). James Dean is the coolest, of course, so he can’t help it if both Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo both fall a little in love with him.

In the movie, their class visits the Griffith Observatory, and so will we. It’s a great spot for checking out the great big Hollywood sign but it’s also a bit of Hollywood history itself, having also appeared in Terminator Genisys, San Andreas, The Rocketeer, The People vs Larry Flynt, McFarland, among a host of others, including, notably, the Paula Abdul video for Rush Rush starring Mister Keanu Reeves. And now the Assholes Who Watch Movies will have visited it too. 😉


13 thoughts on “Rebel Without A Cause

  1. Christopher

    This will be added to my list of reasons to visit the Griffith Observatory. The closest I’ve gotten is Long Beach, which I visited a few years ago. So near, yet so far.


  2. Billy

    This is cool but… ahem… why did I not know about THIS? “Paula Abdul video for Rush Rush starring Mister Keanu Reeves” /starts googling desperately for the video


      1. Billy

        Oh my gosh just watched… it’s like Ted decided to prostitute himself and after this video he went full-on to hard drugs to forget and hence My Own Private Idaho. Poor baby, there are not enough words. And the haircut. Bless him x

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  3. Brittani

    I hope you guys have fun at the Observatory. It’s probably better than actually watching Rebel Without A Cause. lol


  4. diahannreyes

    Hollywood is a great city to visit-esp. if one is a movie buff. I love seeing how different certain sights look in the movies from what they really look like-esp if the movie was shot awhile ago.



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