Knock Down The House

In 2018, there was a big grassroots push to get some fresh blood into the U.S. Congress, where old, rich, white men have ruled things for far too long. That’s not a partisan problem, that’s across the board. Knock Down The House is about the non-career-politicans who were brave enough to go up against the […]

The Zookeeper’s Wife

On Saturday we brought our sweet little nephews to the Capital Fair, where we watched a stunt dog show, rode rides, played games on the Midway, and visited a petting zoo where the kids and I hand-fed llamas. On Monday I watched a llama get shot, point blank. Do not confuse The Zookeeper’s Wife with […]

Monsieur Mayonnaise

Only a few minutes into Monsieur Mayonnaise, my brain’s got an itch. Something about this feels familiar but it can’t be the movie as it’s making its Canadian premiere at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. Rather it’s the man himself, artist Philippe Mora, who I’ve lately seen in Three Days in Auschwitz, about how his […]

The White Helmets

The White Helmets is a short, 40 minute Oscar-nominated documentary that’s available on Netflix right now, and here’s why you should watch it: My amazing godson is into many things: Ghostbusters, Paw Patrol, trampolining, and putting Sean in jail (aka my mom’s closet) are just a few. When he was one, I remember sitting out […]

Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

When Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, “elected” under a cloud of fraud, vote rigging, and voter intimidation, then passed on a deal to join the EU, the people of Ukraine took to the streets to protest. On paper, Ukraine had been independent since 1991, but it was clear to the people in 2013 that they were not […]

Healing Fest 2015

Matt and I decided to curate a little film festival for our coworkers. Our theme was Healing, and so we have put forth the following selections: Good Will Hunting: Hey, remember Minnie Driver? Ordinary People: See Donald Sutherland before he was old! 50/50:  Seth Rogen will teach you how to use cancer to your advantage […]

Ordinary People

Calvin (Donald Sutherland) and Beth (Mary Tyler Moore) are two ordinary people who meet with extraordinary circumstances when their oldest son dies in a tragic accident and leaves them grief-stricken and unable to cop with their suicidal surviving son, Conrad (Timothy Hutton). They seem like an ordinary family, but grief has a way of throwing […]