Guest Post With Us!

Any time you spot a gap in our coverage, we’d be delighted to have you guest in our stead!

How it works:

Just send us an email ( ) with your post, and with links back to your own site, and to Twitter, if those should apply.

Bonus points if you include a short bio.

Types of posts we’d be psyched about: gaps in our coverage (horror is a big blind spot for us at the moment); Top 10 lists (or, you know, a meaningful five, or a tight 15); or movie adjacent posts, like interviews with crew/cast, or your favourite soundtracks; career retrospectives of favourite actors or directors; movies by female directors, or LGBTQ in theme are particularly important to us. We’d also like to hear from you if you’re headed to a festival.


Reviews for old movies are definitely welcome but may be backdated.


Rebuttals to our own reviews are also welcome, but they better be good!