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Episode 7: On all the fabulous movies we loved at TIFF, and some we didn’t. We discuss what we loved (people’s choice: Damien Chazelle’s La La Land), what made us cry, what made us laugh, and what made us cringe.

Episode 6: Suicide Squad fails to impress, Joker and Harley Quinn need their own movie, Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive gets sued, and the Canada Aviation & Space Museum has a cool new Star Trek exhibit – the Starfleet Academy Experience.

Episode 5: The Ghostbusters get it right, the disabled community are wronged, Matt learns a dirty word.

Episode 4: Sulu is gay, Swiss Army Man is awesomesauce, and George Miller is about to go black.

Episode 3: Wherein Matt is both a contrarian and a racist. Also: Vegas!

Episode 2: On gay super heroes, blackface, and M. Night Shyamalan’s worst crimes:

Episode 1: On sequilitis, fandementalists, and the shelf life of fish: