The Christmas Bow

Kate (Lucia Micarelli), a talented violinist, has injured her hand and gone home to stay with her parents while it heals. It turns out her physical therapist is Patrick (Michael Rady), a childhood friend she hasn’t seen in years. I bet you can already tell what fate’s in store these two, though there are some challenges so as not to make it TOO easy for these two lovebugs to reconnect. Kate, of course, will be off touring the world again if her fingers heal correctly, and Patrick’s likely to be lending his services somewhere in Africa if he lands his dream job.

But for now, let’s just concentrate on fulfilling Patrick’s little cousin’s Christmas wish list, filled with such unintentionally therapeutic activities like wreath making and gingerbread building. Then there’s the problem of Grandpa Joe (James Saito) who hasn’t enjoyed the family music store since his wife died. Getting him involved again just might lead to the reinstatement of their once-famous family Christmas parties.

This is sounding a bit like a lackluster movie I realize, when in actually, it was kind of charming. Lucia Micarelli, in particular, is a joy to watch, herself an actual accomplished violin and piano player. She has a nice, easy chemistry with Rady, and they make it easy to root for them. Plus the script has a couple of actual funny moments, and a more grown up, less idealized version of romance that feels like a mature and quite palatable Hallmark holiday treat.

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