Snowbound For Christmas

Adrian is a busy CEO whose business doesn’t stop just because the holidays are fast approaching. He’s got a big pitch that has him hitting the road for a stay at The Grand Lafayette, and he brings along two (female) employees – one he has fucked, and one he’d like to.

Diane (Josephine Buettner) is an ex of sorts and current colleague who’d like to rekindle their romance though Adrian (Henderson Wade) has been resisting, trying to keep things strictly professional. Diane is hardly subtle. And she’s super pissed that the morning of the big pitch she’s sent away on another gig. That leaves Adrian with his executive assistant, Rachel (Zarrin Darnell-Martin). Rachel, always hard-working, has been stepping it up recently, coming up with some impressive marketing materials and catching the eye of her boss – maybe in more than one way. The Grand Lafayette is newly reopened and other than our 3 guests, it’s totally empty. Hotel clerk Jean-Luc (Scott Thompson) is tending their every need, even when a snowstorm hits, stranding Diane off-site and leaving Rachel and Adrian to enjoy the facilities to themselves: romantic dinners, couples massages, candlelight and wine by the fire – normal boss-employee stuff like that. You know how it is. I’m sure you’ve sat through an HR meeting or two about it.

It is sometimes hard to tell whether this is an actual Hallmark Christmas movie or a how-to-get-sued for sexual harrassment training video. Maybe it’s that elusive hybrid?

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