Outlaws and Angels

You know how it was in the olden days, walking to the bonnet store with your bestie, discussing the state of things on the ole homestead, the latest style in aprons, panning for gold, and the benefit of small pricks. As you do. And then suddenly your bestie gets her face shot off. It happens.

1.jpgThe olde West. There are good guys, and there are bad guys: you can barely tell the difference between them. They all wear black hats.

The really bad dude (Chad Michael Murray) has a scar. Luckily. For identification purposes. The slightly less bad guy chasing him (Luke Wilson), a bounty hunter, does not.

The really bad dude and his gang o’ miscreants decides to hole up and hide with a frontier family – a Christian ma and pop, and their two smart-ass, sassy-tongued daughters, the saucier of whom is played by Francesca Eastwood in her feature debut (that’s right: cowboy Clint’s daughter). The outlaws get more than they bargained for because little Flo (Francesca) is like a snake in your boot. A sexy snake who seduces her captors. And she’s well-florence_gun2-670x264versed in giving her daddy “rubdowns” as is the frontier way.

Director JT Mollner creates a spaghetti western send-up that abandons the sprawling land for a single interior locale. It’s not exactly wholesome though. Okay, it’s not remotely wholesome. While her daddy Clint may be used to exploring violence in westners, Francesca is busy exploring an often ignored side: sex. A very salty side indeed. This film has definitely shown me lots of outlaws, but I’m wondering if there are any angels at all. Mollner’s assessment is murkier than gravy although his long pauses and overuse of close-ups will make you think he’s making an awfully serious point. Personally, I think the blood pretty much sums it up. Bloodshed makes for excellent punctuation.



12 thoughts on “Outlaws and Angels

  1. kmSalvatore

    Interesting…. Hopefully she will have her fathers talent…… Eventually:))) a bloody spaghetti western huh… Well it has possibilities:))). Thanks for the good read Jay


  2. reocochran

    Jay, I will end up seeing this with either the new guy I am hanging out with or my brother.
    (Hey, we made it to 104 days now and no full nudity, thank goodness, We are approaching slowly, cautiously since I am a thrice married woman who is dating a once married for over 20 years and younger man, to boot.)
    Why do I feel the need to share? The post has a lot of sexual inferences, that’s why! I felt a little hot and really troubled, especially about the girl who should NOT be giving her father a rub down. She is a lovely young woman, I have seen her with her father in some photos over the years. I am happy she chose acting but too bad not a true spaghetti western or at least one with an angel in the plot.


  3. Liz A.

    Why does this sound familiar? Did I see a trailer for this? It sounds like one I might have seen and dismissed as a never-will-I-go-and-see-that.



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