Shorts: Ready To Go

anigif_enhanced-23110-1444243585-11Lance is bringing his cat to be put down. It’s time. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Whether he’s emotional or nervous or lonely, he’s ready to pour his heart out, and an unsuspecting old lady on the bus doesn’t have much choice but to listen. In just under 10 minutes, we get to know Lance quite well – and even better in the film’s last 5 seconds or so.

It’s a bittersweet little film that reminds us how important pets are in our lives, and how bereft we are when we lose them. Putting down my childhood mutt Patches was seriously one of the most wrenching things I’ve ever done in my life and I’ve only been able to let doggos back into my life after extracting from them solemn vows to never, ever die. We brought Patches to the vet at the end of his life, perhaps not quite his natural end, but an end that we chose in the hopes that it giphy-downsizedwas best for him. The first shot was to settle him. His little legs gave out and he collapsed on the cold metal table. He was wrapped up in a Star Wars blanket and placed in my arms. The second shot stopped his heart. He looked like he was sleeping, but for once not chasing cars in his dreams. We left him there, my mother and I. I left him there, and we cried hot tears in a mini van. My friends offered hugs, and even a greeting card, the ‘blank inside’ kind with a generic flower on the front. Today condolence cards for pets exist, a testament to the place they’ve taken up in our hearts sirga-the-lioness-excited-dogand homes. But for many of us, cats and dogs are more than just pets, they’re family. I suspect for Lance, Galen (the cat) was his only friend, hence the great unburdening on the bus.

Do domesticated animals really think the thoughts and feel the emotions we ascribe them – or are we merely deluding ourselves by anthropomorphizing them? As our social circles grow narrower, and our ability to truly connect with other people seems to dim, perhaps pets are our last secret keepers. With seemingly unconditional positive regard OVYBbQ8for us, a dog is loyal and steadfast in a way that few if any people in our lives will be. When Lance brings his only friend in to the vet, which of them is truly “ready to go” – the cat who doesn’t know what’s coming, or the human who doesn’t know how to say goodbye?


11 thoughts on “Shorts: Ready To Go

  1. Lara/Trace

    Herb and I were just talking about this very subject – how both of us lost our best animal friends. He lost JJ and I lost Skid. It’s impossible to get over their loss.


  2. J.

    I’m not sure I’d bother with the short, but your own experience smacked me in the gut. I have experienced similar with a pet and, yeah, what can I saw, it’s tough.


  3. Birgit

    I feel so bad for both of you because it is so very tough. I don’t care what scientists say, I believe animals feel and know loss, happiness, security, jealousy and all of that because they express it and they remember. I still miss my Katie and it was the toughest thing To say, “yes, go ahead.” to the vet to end her life. It was the right thing but not a good thing. If you want some levity, while writing this my dog has been blowing nasty farts as I have to leave the room.


  4. Christopher

    Sometimes when I’ve had to let a loved family member–and, let’s face it, pets are family–go I’ve followed it by spending time with other dog people, people who know what it’s like because they’ve been through it too. I don’t know if it helped–sometimes I don’t think anything can help at those times, but it’s better than being alone with my sadness.
    This may be too painful to watch but I do understand what it’s like to want to share the sorrow with others.


    1. Jay Post author

      To be honest, the short isn’t really sad at all. This is just my way of stretching out a review for 10 minutes worth of film.


  5. The Arcane Nibbler

    I don’t think I could watch this. I’m about to cry just reading about it.I’ve put down two of my cats and have two more to go. I sometimes feel like they’re my only friends. And it’s devastating to even think about letting them go. Way to go Jay, you made the Nibbler cry. 😢😉



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