Picture A Perfect Christmas

Sophie (Merritt Patterson) is a successful photographer who travels the world to wherever the next job takes her; her boyfriend Brent does the same, so in their six months together they’ve only been on the same continent a handful of times. It’s not the easiest way to conduct a relationship but who else would tolerate their constant coming and going?

Sophie was hoping they’d be united over the Christmas holidays but he’s off to shoot Antarctica and she’s going home to some quaint small town where Grandma Louise (Paula Shaw) has recently hurt herself and could use some help. At least in theory. In practice, it turns out that Grandma is more interested in setting Sophie up with the handsome neighbour next door. David (Jon Cor) is a busy business owner who’s struggling to find childcare for his adopted son – Louise loves spending time with little Troy (Luke Roessler) but she’s not so mobile these days. Luckily, with able-bodied Sophie around, the foursome have abundant reason to get super cozy.

Picture A Perfect Christmas is predictable but sweet, and comfy like that one throw blanket you always reach for when you want to keep your toes toasty on the couch. David is a devoted dad and he’s sacrificed relationships before in favour of stability. Sophie is passionate about her career and can’t imagine having to give it up. And of course all Grandma Louise wants is for everyone to be happy. Can these two crazy kids possibly make it work? I guess you’ll have to tune it to Corny Channel and find out for yourself.

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