Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

This “moviefilm” could have been simply called Borat 2 but clearly Sacha Baron Cohen figured, why not have an 18 word title instead? Considering that Borat 1 had a 12 word title, a troublesome pattern is emerging, and that’s far from the least troubling pattern in the Borat franchise.

Borat is a terrible character and you can rest assured that Cohen has not toned things down in any way for the sequel, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Borat is just as offensive as ever, a racist, misogynistic reporter travelling through the U.S. and A., on a mission to gift a monkey to Vice President Pence as a tribute to Trump’s great success in undoing a hundred years’ worth of human rights. The difference this time is that everyone in America has seen his first movie so it’s much harder for him to sneak up on anyone. Fortunately for him, his non-male son Tutar (Maria Bakalova) stowed away in the money cage, and she has always wanted to follow in her journalist father’s footsteps. Unfortunately for Borat, he does not believe women can be journalists (or really anything other than residents of cages). Unfortunately for both, Tutar had to eat the monkey to survive the trip to America. So naturally, Borat decides to gift his daughter to Pence instead. And off we go on an adventure that includes Borat embarrassing a number of people who should know better, most notably Rudy Giuliani, who I expected to have been better coached by his friends in the KGB in the art of kompromat.

In 2006, I have to admit that I enjoyed Borat’s first moviefilm. Who could believe that people would say such outrageous things on camera after being offered a little bait by Cohen? It seemed unbelievable at the time. Fast forward to 2020, where no matter what Borat “tricks” people into saying, it pales in comparison to what happens every day on President Trump’s Twitter feed, or any given afternoon at Giuliani’s hotel suite. Cohen’s brand of shock humour seems almost quaint in comparison, which is terrifying.

For all its improvised scenes, Borat 2 has a remarkably focused and cohesive narrative, and contains quite a few funny character moments. But by nature, it also serves as a near-constant reminder of the ongoing nightmare that is American politics, which for me sucked all the fun out of the movie. No matter how hard Cohen and Bakalova tried (and they tried hard), I just can’t laugh at this stuff right now.

11 thoughts on “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

  1. BuriedOnMars

    Love the first and really enjoyed this. Maria Bakalova stole the show. People are more complicated than their Twitter feed and that is what he showed by making friends with those Q conspiracists. Good people led by bad ideology.


  2. leendadll

    I found clips in the trailer and news shows to be more interesting that what made it into the film. I would have l Iiked to see more about the unmasked white house visit. Yesterday I saw the cut clip of the rifle rally turning angry and him being rushed away hiding in an ambulance.

    I originally only watched the last half hour, for the Ghouliani part, disappointed that he was only tucking in his shirt when he was clearly open to more compromising situations. Then I learned the shots where Borat is recognized we re filmed here in Long Beach so I ended up watching the whole thing.


  3. Brittani

    I liked this, but I get what you mean. Seeing bad people doing bad things is depressing now since we see the actual president of the U.S inspiring these idiots. Hopefully there’s less of that soon…


  4. EclecticMusicLover

    If American politics is a nightmare for you Sean, just imagine how those of us who haven’t jumped onto the MAGA Trump Train feel. I definitely suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and if he’s re-elected, I may well go completely mad.



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