Meet Me At Christmas

When your wedding planner quits just days before your Christmas Eve wedding, most couples would freak out, but most couples aren’t Liam and Katie. Liam’s mother Joan (Catherine Bell) is a florist on the verge of making the jump to wedding planner herself. Don’t worry, guys, she’s got this.

Liam (Luke Bilyk) and Katie (Sage Kitchen) are getting married at the Snowfall Lodge, where both of their families enjoyed childhood holidays. In fact, it’s where Joan met her husband, and it’s the perfect place to honour his memory now that he’s gone. The bride’s family hasn’t been able to fly in yet (pesky Christmas weather!), but luckily Katie’s often-absent uncle Beau (Mark Deklin) is there to lend a helping hand – for as long as he and Joan can stand each other, that is. It’s not that they don’t get along, really, it’s that they’ve awkwardly discovered that they knew each other back in the day. As teenagers, Beau and Joan spent a romantic day together but he stood her up at a Christmas tree lighting, and they never saw each other again. In fact, that’s the night Joan met her husband.

Will Joan and Beau reconnect? Was it fate or Christmas magic pushing them together? Will the ghost of Joan’s dead husband haunt the ceremony? Will a terrible tree accident derail the whole thing? Does snowman decorating deteriorate with age? And how many poinsettias is too many poinsettias? Hallmark is the channel with all the answers this Christmas, but a sweet movie like this will remind you that it’s not about the questions, it’s about the cocoa you’re drinking and the sweater you’re wearing when you ask them.

7 thoughts on “Meet Me At Christmas

    1. rdfranciswriter

      What? All of those sugar canes and cups o’ hot chocolate not cutting it nutritionally?

      Seriously, every single one of these movies can’t seem to roll those credits without an errant candy cane appearing or hot choco up being served.

      Liked by 1 person


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