Christmas In Homestead

Matt Larson (Michael Rady) is both the owner of a cozy little inn and the mayor of a cozy little town called Homestead. Since you’re watching a Hallmark Christmas romance, you might guess that the town of Homestead goes all out at Christmas – it’s their thing. But this year, their festivities will be disrupted by a movie shoot that’s come to town to capitalize on their unrivaled small-town Christmassiness.

Jessica McEllis (Taylor Cole) is the movie’s producer, as well as its star. She’s kind of a big deal, actually, a movie star that even Matt’s young daughter Sophie admires, and has a poster of her on her bedroom wall. Jessica’s costar Vince (Jeff Branson) is also her ex-boyfriend, though he’s eager to turn that around and be her current boyfriend once again. The paparazzi that have followed them to this small town seem hopeful on this count as well. But Jessica’s heart is pointing her more toward Matt, who is stable and humble, and everything her Hollywood lifestyle is not. So how would that even work, logistically? It wouldn’t, and when a photo of a kiss between the two is published, leading to increased invasion of privacy, that’s pretty much the final nail in the coffin.

Basically, Jessica just wants to get this movie in the can, and walks a fine line as a producer who has to prioritize the work, and as a decent person who wants to allow the townspeople to get back to enjoying their Christmas – and especially not upset a certain handsome mayor.

Will Vince scheme his way back into Jessica’s heart? How many paparazzi will inevitably fall out of trees? Is it weird that Matt’s dead wife was a Jessica fan? And how many cupcakes can one film crew eat? Hallmark has the answers to all of life’s most pressing questions, and if you hurry, you can view to your heart’s content right now, and until Christmas. Enjoy.

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