Candy Cane Christmas

Phoebe (Beverley Mitchell) and childhood bff Laurie (Benedicte Belizaire) co-own the Seeing Green florist shop where they go all out at Christmas. Phoebe is very attached to tradition and so adverse to change that Laurie’s slightly different twist on Christmas decorations gives her anxiety. Worse still, Candy Cane Lane, a street in her neighbourhood famous for its well-lit homes, won’t be happening this year for the first time Phoebe can remember – or possibly ever again thanks to dwindling interest. Laurie sees this as an opportunity for Phoebe to step outside of her stifling comfort zone and encourages her to try new things in attempt to fill these new voids.

That’s how Phoebe meets (well, re-meets) Eric (Mark GhanimĂ©), a very handsome veterinarian whose only flaw is having closed himself off from love after a bad break-up. Seriously, piercing green eyes AND he likes dogs? Take me now!

But no. Settle down, folks. This is a very respectable Hallmark holiday movie we’re talking about, and Eric is a true gentleman whose only known hobby is hanging out in a retirement residence with his aunt (Sean recognized it as local: this film was shot right here in our backyard). Although Hallmark guarantees a happy ending and true love forever, it can’t make it too easy on you, or it wouldn’t achieve its 91 minute runtime. A series of misunderstandings will do the trick, and string us along until it’s time to kiss and commit. Ah, Hallmark, you traditional old fool.

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