Jingle Bell Bride

Jessica’s celebrity client not only has some pretty hefty demands for her upcoming wedding, she’s also a chronic mind-changer, and wouldn’t you know it, the famous singer is demanding a last-minute change to her bouquet, and wedding planner Jess (Julie Gonzalo) has no choice but to fly to a tiny and remote Alaskan community to track down the essential jingle bell blooms.

In fact, the town (population 112) of Tapeesa is in the midst of their Jingle Bell Festival, celebrating their rare and beautiful flower. With the high-profile wedding just days away, Jess needs her round-trip expedition to be flawlessly executed, and of course it is not. First there’s plane maintenance (the Tapeesa airport has just the one plane, and just the one flight out per day), and then there’s a storm (what, snow in Alaska? No wonder they’re flummoxed!), and long story short, while her boss freaks out back in the big city, Jessica is grounded in Alaska, with nothing to do but attend the festival and become its queen. Oh, and fall in love with her tour guide and flower hookup Matt (Ronnie Rowe), who teaches her the charms of extremely small town life, and how not to die in the extreme Alaskan cold.

But if love does manage to blossom like those dainty jingle bell blooms, what then? They live miles and worlds apart. Can love overcome a pretty common obstacle? I have faith that Hallmark with find a way.

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