Christmas In Paris

Robin’s boss/godmother Kate has helped her put her “modeling days behind her” – I can already tell I’m going to love this movie. They’re working on an ad campaign for a new fragrance, and asthmatic millionaire playboy French businessman Lucas is flying into town to oversee the shoot.

Who can blame him for falling in love with Robin who “reluctantly” agrees to stand in for a missing model. I mean, she’s beautiful, and it’s a good thing because she otherwise has no personality whatsoever. She loves Christmas and ponies and flowers and that’s it. Meanwhile, he’s a misunderstood wine connoisseur mama’s boy who also loves Christmas and has the means to make all a girl’s Christmas dreams come true. Cue the whirlwind Parisian romance! It’s what her dead mother would have wanted. What could possibly go wrong? Oh don’t worry, there’s something: let’s call it a Christmas surprise, and not the good kind!

This movie is stilted and stiff and not an enjoyable or entertaining watch. We already have holiday obligations that are awkward and unfun, we don’t need another one, not one we can so easily cancel – and guilt-free too. If you click on our ‘holiday movies’ tag below, you’ll find lots of other options. Lots are crummy but several are worthy, and just waiting for a couple of appreciative eyeballs like yours!

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