All Hallow’s Eve

On her 18th birthday, which falls on Halloween, Eve inherits a chest belonging to her dead mother. She discovers that her mother and her mother’s mother were witches – and so is she. Suddenly her fingers zap like magic wands, and a book of spells  help her conjure a very special warlock to help guide her through the process. Of course her first order of witch business is to summon her mother’s spirit, but – yikes – she flubs it, and ends up calling out her evil aunt Delayna instead. Delayna wants Eve’s amulet so she can steal her special powers…or something close enough. Honestly, this plot is so recycled it almost rejects your attention.

This “movie” was made on a high school theatre budget, which is really too bad for the penultimate scene which takes place during some amateur theatre which looks even more garrishly amateur as a result. Nobody but NOBODY comes off looking good in this thing, but a special merit badge goes to the child acting which is stinkier than I ever could have guessed. I feel most of these roles were filled due to lost bets rather than a casting process, but honestly it’s not just their fault. The script is stilted and sounds phony coming out of the mouths of babes who legit do not understand which tone matches the words. If I was grading this, a LOT of people would be held back.

Anyway, you know how it goes: Eve has to save the day in order to learn the responsibilities and honour that comes with being a witch. Presumably she’ll also get the wardrobe nailed down in the future.

There is one highlight to report: scream queen (and E.T. mom) Dee Wallace makes an appearance, and I’m never not grateful to see her. It is NOT enough to sustain you, but it’s something to hold onto.

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