Top 10 Disney-Inspired Tattoos

10. Squirt, the adventurous sea turtle from Finding Nemo, who inherits dad Crush’s fearlessness and easy-going attitude. Plus, he’s completely adorable. What’s not to love?


9. The Cheshire Cat, from Alice in Wonderland. He’s a mysterious, mischievous, devious cat. What a guy to have sitting on your shoulder for eternity. The quote reads ‘We’re all mad here’ and the gleam in his eye would seem to second that, but unlike the other mad characters in the story, the Cheshire Cat admits it with pride.


8. Mary Poppins. Tiny, behind someone’s ear, she’d disappear completely if your hair was down. But even in secret, she’s nurturing and practically perfect in every way – what more could you ask for in a lifelong companion?


7. Charming, wide-eyed, and curious, Bambi is no mere deer in the forest, he is every child, everywhere. It’s no wonder that our childhoods were sliced in half when Bambi’s dear mother was killed. Moms die??? There is perhaps no scarier truth, and we learned it early (and often), thanks to Disney.


6. Snow White is innocent and vulnerable, but her strength is in her kindness. I can see why you might wear the fairest of them all as an emblem. This simple line drawing is particularly appealing.


5. Ariel, the titular Little Mermaid, is headstrong and independent. She’s not afraid to wish for a different life for herself. Plus, her love of gadgets &  gizmos & whozits & whatzits & thingamabobs is pretty iconic.


4. Toy Story’s Buzz and Woody are the best of buds. And they’re a direct line to our inner child, and the warmest place in our hearts. This looks like it was done in crayon, which is so cool.


3. I’m a sucker for delicate tattoos, and this Peter Pan finger tattoo is exactly that, and unexpected to boot. Peter is leading Wendy and the children away – they’re part way between their familiar beds and the joys of Never Never Land. A nice reminder to allow yourself to play.


2. I adore water colour tattoos and I’m super jealous about this one. I can imagine this person’s childhood VHS collection, with those puffy white plastic cases. Water colour makes your best memories even more beautiful.


1.  Up is my favourite everything, so of course it’s my favourite tattoo. You can’t go wrong, Carl and Ellie are #couplesgoals galore. They’re what we all aspire to.


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