Frightfest 2015: Halloween (1978)

Co-writers John Carpenter and Debra Hill couldn’t believe that there had never been a horror film simply titled “Halloween”. Taking advantage of everyone else’s missed opportunity, they produced a film set almost entirely on Halloween night that captures all the thrills and chills that we’ve come to expect from our favourite halloweens.


When he was six years old, Michael Myers stabbed his big sister to death. Dr. Sam loomis (Donald Pleasence) tried to treat him but saw nothing but limitless evil in his eyes. fifteen years later, Myers has escaped from his institution and is headed back to the quiet street where it all began.

As Laurie, Jamie Lee Curtis earned the title Scream Queen and has never really been dethroned since. Working with director John Carpenter, she strikes a delicate balance between being scared shitless and being a fighter. Myers is still scary today, sporting a mask which was in reality nothing more than a Shatner mask with white spray paint and wielding a really big knife. the concept is simple enough to be ageless.

Halloween has some good scares but there is no blood so it’s perfect for those who love a good spooky story about a serial killer on the loose but can’t stand the gore that is so typical of these kinds of movies today.

11 thoughts on “Frightfest 2015: Halloween (1978)

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    1. Matt Post author

      Yes, he knows how to make us wait for it. It’s like how most people find the ride up on a roller coaster the worst part, he knows how to milk that anticipation.

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      1. renxkyoko

        That’s why I got confused. He must be a spirit if he can appear anywhere , which is not humanly possible. Nobody can kill him because he’s already dead. And that’s why this series can go on forever, just like Nightmare on Elm Street. It can get a bit tiring .


      2. Matt Post author

        I think he’s supposed to be alive in at least the first one. You’re right though, there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense. I mean, he can drive a car even though he’s been institutionalized since he was six years old. I agree about how these franchises can get tiring. I avoid almost all horror sequels. I’ve only seen the first Halloween, the first Nightmare on Elm street, and the first Friday the 13th.


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