Frightfest 2015

We all watch movies with our earphones on in our office but you can always tell when someone is watching a scary movie. We yelp, we jump, we scream, we swear. Sometimes the “scary movie” is one of the trailers before the movie starts or even just an episode of Homeland. Yes, Jay and I work in an office of scaredy cats, ourselves included. I once startled the room by crying out in terror during an episode of Twin Peaks.

So, welcome to our horror fest, one designed specifically for the squeamish. I can’t guarantee that our selections won’t startle you, revolt you, or terrify you. But that’s what Halloween is about, isn’t it? Venturing into the unknown and confronting the spooky, the twisted, and the horrifying in a fun and safe place. And if you’re working in our office, remember that there’ll always be one or two other trained counsellors standing by if it gets to be too much for you. Oh, and also help yourself to some spooky cereal as you watch.

The Frightfest 2015 selections are as follows…

The Babadook– The more you deny him, the stronger he gets.

Beetlejuice– Beware Jeffrey Jones, the creepiest character featured at the Festival.

The Blair Witch Project– Everyone knows by now that it’s not real, right?

The Corpse Bride– I give them an eternity.

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead–  The anti-Semitic Zombie Movie!!

Double Feature: The Shining with Room 237– If Jack Nicholson isn’t crazy enough for you, check out the fans of the Shining.

Frankenweenie– Not as pornographic as it sounds.

Halloween– How does Jamie Lee Curtis still have a voice?

Housebound– The only thing worse than being stuck in a haunted house is being there with your mother.

A Nightmare on Elm Street– See Johnny Depp before Tim Burton turned him into a cartoon character.

ParaNorman– How parents just don’t understand.

Scream– The movie that convinced us all that we need Caller ID.

What We Do in the Shadows– Vampires are people too.

Zombeavers– Exactly what it sounds like.


16 thoughts on “Frightfest 2015

  1. Sean

    I have some catching up to do since I haven’t seen all of these! Good choices with the movies and I happen to know the cereal choices are just as good. And I think there may actually be more cereal varieties than movies.


  2. Birgit

    This was funny. I have yet to see The Blair Witch Project. Never had any desire to see it. Jeffrey Jones is a creepy SOB who should be behind bars. Great list


  3. reocochran

    I like the three animated films you listed. I agree with “Scream,” “Beetlejuice” and “Halloween.”
    Currently, at theaters, I do like “Goosebumps ” and “Transylvania 2.” The first Transylvania is out on dvd, though.
    I am weird but liked ” Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Omen” and feel I was scared during some of those silly teen movies, too. I tend to jump when someone touches me unexpectedly do I am easily frightened. (Like “I know what you did last summer.”)
    Did you think “The Skeleton Key” or that Johnny Depp movie his playing the bipolar strange character weren’t scary? I do like “Seven” even if a crime movie. I also like vampire old movies. I am heading to spend 9 days and nights in Clevelsnd. I have “Van Helsing” in my pile and “Young Frankenstein.” 🙂


    1. Matt Post author

      Is Secret Window the Johnny Depp movie you’re talking about? if so, yes, I did jump a few times during that. I’m like you, I tend to jump and scare everyone around me and no one had better touch me while I’m watching a ghost story.


  4. calensariel

    That’s quite a list. I think the movies that scare the beejeebers out of me the most, though, are the really intense ones (not necessarily Halloween movies). Two of my favorites See No Evil with Mia Farrow (A young blind woman is pursued by a maniac while staying with family in their country manor.) and Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin (A recently blinded woman is terrorized by a trio of thugs while they search for a heroin stuffed doll they believe is in her apartment.). I wonder if it’s a coincidence that they both have to do with blind women! o_O


    1. Matt Post author

      I haven’t seen either of these movies. Like you, I am usually most disturbed by movies that don’t particularly fit the halloween theme. David Fincher’s Zodiac for example is one of the most unsettling movies I’ve ever seen. I think some fear of the dark is in our DNA and a lot of us can’t imagine anything worse than being in trouble and not being able to see where what’s going on.


  5. DotedOn

    Thank you, Matt! 🙂
    But I’ll pass on these ones and just watch a comedy. I still can’t get why people enjoy being scared. It’s like the idea of getting a root canal treatment by a butcher, I can’t even think about it 😀


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