Michelle Pfeiffer’s Still Got It

Have you noticed on the radio lately that Michelle Pfeiffer has mysteriously reappeared into our collective consciousness?

Vance Joy’s song Riptide makes reference to her – “I swear she’s destined for the screen\ Closest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you’ve ever seen.” Which I’m guessing is a hipster compliment.

And then Mark Ronson’s song Uptown Funk (featuring Bruno Marks doing all the hard work) does the same –

This hit
That ice cold
Michelle Pfeiffer
That white gold

So what’s with all this Michelle Pfeiffer worshipping? She hasn’t done anything recently, so I’m assuming there’s a nostalgia factor here, but Michelle’s heyday was arguably the late 80s, maybe early 90s. Bruno Mars was BORN  in 1985. Vance Joy? 1987, which means they weren’t even ALIVE when Scarface came out. They would have been in diapers for The Fabulous Baker Boys. They were still pre-pubescent for her Catwoman role in Batman Returns, for christsakes! Even Dangerous Minds is “before their time” and she was already sporting Mom jeans by then. Michelle was born in 1958, which makes her 56, and OLDER THAN MY MOM. And I’m not saying she’s not hot, because, hello.catwoman

But the truth is, these random song lyrics are the most relevant she’s been in over a decade. She’s probably not hanging on a lot of dorm walls right now, is all I’m saying.

So, internet, what gives?






4 thoughts on “Michelle Pfeiffer’s Still Got It

  1. mattasshole

    Maybe they’re big fans of Dark Shadows? I’ll keep my ear to the ground for more Pfeiifer references. Maybe The Age of Innocenece just came out on Netflix and the music industry has taken notice?


  2. Jay Post author

    I don’t know what the deal is. Maybe we should continue infiltrating hipster hang-outs and try to eavesdrop on any conversations not related to facial hair.


  3. me

    You don’t need to be in that Era to appreciate someone’s work and beauty.I wasn’t born when Rudolph Valentino or Marilyn Monroe were born but I love all their work and looks. Michelle P doesn’t have to do anything to get noticed.Michelle Phieffer is white Gold all that.By the way I wasn’t even born when Michelle P was born.


  4. layla

    Michelle Pfeiffer has long been sorely underrated. I hope these mentionings of her is on trend and really serve to inspire her to do more movies. I also hope it serves to wake up those in the industry that could provide her with roles on par with her talent and presence.



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