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image151Jay here, to accept an award and to thank the giver Mark for thinking of us for the Liebster Award – an award that seems to not be based on merit but I suspect is basically just a chain letter with the intention of highlighting and promoting other blogs, via a generous amount of linking back and forth. Not that that’s a bad thing – since we’re a relatively new blog that’s come across a great number of other great blogs recently, we’re all too happy to share the love.




Mark’s questions to me:

1. What’s the first thing you usually read each day? The news. First local, then national, then international. Unless I have a lazy morning, in which case I always bring a novel into the bath. Usually I leave the reading for at night, before bed. As an insomniac, that sometimes means I go through a book per night which  means that I too am a vast consumer at the public library, just like Mark.

2. What’s your favorite food? Don’t know that I have one. My favourite thing about food is not the eating of but the making of – especially cooking big, impressive, multi-course meals for friends.

3. What’s your favorite beverage? In a very particular order: 1. water 2. Diet Pepsi 3. martinis

4. Where’s the best place you’ve ever lived? I suppose it’s right where I am now, but I am a firm believer that home is where the heart is.

5. Who’s your best friend, and why? Although I’m very close to all my fellow Assholes (and to a few select others of the non-ass variety), my best friend is my husband. We’re alike in a lot of important ways, and unlike in the even importanter ones.

6. Who’s your worst enemy, and why? I hope I don’t have any enemies. None on my side anyway. I learned a long time ago that hatred is a kind of poison. You don’t have to forgive, but letting go is a beautiful thing.

7. You have one day to do anything you’d like. It would be … Well, that depends. If this is my last day on Earth, then I just want to spend it in bed, with Sean, talking, and touching his skin with my skin. If we’re talking a random day with unlimited wishes and resources, then I’m choosing to take my friends and family on a Disney cruise – we proudly have 10 very young nieces and nephews, and I think that 24 hours is just about the very maximum that a sane adult can spend on a Disney cruise, which is basically just a Chuck-E-Cheese on water.

8. What’s your favorite movie? Oh my god. As if I have one! Here’s the thing about me. I have passion, too much passion. My top 5 always has at least 6. My top 10 would be endless. Pick just one? I don’t think so. I’d be interested to know if Matt, Luc, or Sean have a favourite movie.

9. What’s your favorite book? Same predicament. My heart belongs to many.

10. What’s your favorite subject to talk about at a party? Myself! I wrote that as a joke, but it might actually be the truth. Awkward!

11. What’s your favorite subject to walk away from at a party? I’m not afraid of subjects, only of the ignorant people who might broach them.

Random facts about myself:

1. I’ve been blogging for over a decade. You can check out my personal blog at Saint Vodka of the Martini. I don’t post there very often anymore but once upon a time I detailed my love and my life, all rather smugly (I was young, I’m embarrassed) and learned to eat crow when what I now generously refer to as my “first marriage” came crumbling down around me.

2. Blogging sure has changed since 2004. The Like button, for example, I hate. Back in the day, we used to leave comments. But now I see that blogging has been Facebookized, and not for the better.

3. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I hate how seriously some people take it. I hate how others use it as a giant poster for all of the worst clichés and inspirational quotes in the world. I still use it for its potential – having moved around quite a bit, most of our friends and family are long-distance and there’s nothing that makes my day like seeing how my friend’s baby looks just a tiny bit different, or that my little sister’s toilet is on the fritz again. The big stuff I still like to know about or see in person, when I can, but the little every day stuff helps keep the homesickness at bay.

4. I’m totally guilty of clogging my own Facebook account with pictures of my dogs. I have a lot of dogs. 4 at last count. I’d probably have more, except for a city ordinance that says anything more than 4 needs to be classified as a farm.

5. The dogs are called Herbie, Gertie, Fudgie, and Bronx, and they should have their own blog. Their lives are far more interesting than mine.

image-16. Sean wasn’t a dog lover when I met him. He was the worst kind of person – a cat owner. Well, okay, not exactly a cat owner. But he grew up with cats. And rats. He was almost not worth loving at all, except he met Herbie (my only dog at the time, the little black and white angry-looking one in the red puffy vest) and decided immediately to convert.

7. Matt has declared 2015 “year of the dog.” Or maybe I did, come to think of it. But the point is for Matt to get a dog. Ours have always had a soft spot for him, and he’s in need of a furry companion, but Matt’s always been a bit of a foot-dragger, so if you have the chance, be sure to nag him a bit. Get a dog, Matt!

8. Luc has a Boxer named Eddy. Eddy is still technically a puppy but is already bigger than all four of my dogs and Matt’s hypothetical one combined, but if he comes for a doggy play date, he’s very intimidated by 6-pounder Fudgie (the squinty one in the cardigan in my arms).

9. Aside from dogs, the Assholes have bonded over plenty of other things, including but not limited to movies of course! We’ll be celebrating 7 years of assholery this summer, and over those 7 years together we’ve witnessed 2 births, 2 marriages, and 2 divorces – and ALL SIX of those things were very happy occasions indeed.

10. We also love to travel together – to Toronto and Montreal for concerts, to Lac Simon for camping, to Minden for weekend debauchery, to New York City to see some greats on stage, to Cuba for Luc & Mel’s wedding…I’ve probably left some out because my memory is bad, but I do know that we’re not done yet. We’ve got lots of adventure in us yet.

11. How many movies have we watched together? Fought over? Slept through (well, that’s just Luc)? I’m not sure. Hundreds, surely. And there are always plenty more of those too, so please, share with us. You don’t have to be an asshole, but we always like to hear from you.

Our nominations: I don’t really believe in any one blog being better than another, so instead I’m passing this along to our most frequent commenters – please don’t feel obligated. It’s all just in fun, so do let us know if you’d like to play along!

Sweet Archive

Film Munch


I have only one question, for all of you: What is the most fun you’ve ever had in a movie theatre? What movie were you watching?


19 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. mattasshole

    Your post made me smile. I had never done the math before on the births, marraiges, and divorces. For the record, I usually say that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is my favourite movie. The most fun I ever had in a movie theater would be a tie between the Midnight Madness TIFF screening of The Raid: Redemption (then called just The Raid) and the first time I saw The Dark Knight. The Raid was the most enthusiastic crowd I’ve ever seen and The Dark Knight was just exciting to see a movie that I had been looking for so long and for once didn’t disappoint.


  2. Hippie Cahier

    I was peeking in by phone last night and tried to comment on this, but I couldn’t and I thought it would be rude to “like” it, based on Random Fact #2. Great answers, and those dogs are totes adorbs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jay Post author

      Hippie, I already adore you too much to think you’re rude. I do still think it’s weird how few people comment, but I guess the times have moved on without me, and here I am just struggling to catch up 😉


  3. Wendell

    Fun, whimsical post. Congrats on the award. Now, I’m going to admit something that might get me banned from visiting this blog, but I’m not a dog person, at all. Though I don’t own one, I much prefer cats. Please don’t ban me.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ruth

    Hey congrats on your Liebster award and thanks so much for nominating me! I might do one of these in the next few months. Love your photo w/ your adorable dogs, what fun names you’ve got for ’em too!

    As for your question, well I think one of the most fun I had at the theater was when I saw Pacific Rim on IMAX a while back, that movie was so darn entertaining and it looked great on those huge screens. I also love the soundtrack!


    1. Jay Post author

      IMAX really works sometimes. Unfortunately, I feel like I always go when the theatre’s way too busy and I end up sitting in the first row with my head tilted at an impossible angle. I must do better!


      1. ruth

        Oh I’d get a huge headache if I sit too close to the screen, esp at IMAX. Btw I’ll be seeing Furious 7 on IMAX at the end of the month 🙂


      2. Jay Post author

        Oh my god, shhhh! Sean would be entirely, entirely 100% drop-dead jealous to hear that.

        And yes, totally headache inducing. Pretty sure I watched Inception like that. And probably others!


  5. sweetarchive

    Thanks for nominating me, Jay, and congratulations on the Liebster award!!! I think it’s a perfect way of getting to know and promote other bloggers. I take it you had loads of fun doing that from reading your post. “He was the worst kind of person – a cat owner” LOL! To answer your question, I think the best time I had in the movies was when I went to see Kill Bill vol.1 with two good friends. One of them fell asleep during with her mouth open. We thought of maybe pulling a prank and throwing a bug in there, but caved in last minute. She’s like the worst movie watcher in the world!!! Thanks again 🙂


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  7. seanathant

    I love your answers! Your last day plan especially. As far as a favourite movie, I guess I don’t have just one because a whole jumble of stuff comes to mind when I think of it. Rushmore, Punch Drunk Love, and Guardians of the Galaxy are on the list but there are many others, it’s a long list!


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