Take Care

What is it about a movie that makes it utterly, utterly forgettable? I watched this last night on Netflix and had to scrounge around for the title this morning because hello – forgot it.

Leslie Bibb plays the victim of a recent car accident. She’s laid up with broken bones and such and isn’t crazy about convalescing in the New Jersey home of her overbearing older sister. But it take_care_stillturns out that there’s no one in New York chomping at the bit to take care of her, especially not her blandly good-looking neighbour who makes weird guttural noises through the shared walls of their apartments and isn’t keen on doing favours. So instead of doing any logical thing, she instead calls up an old boyfriend who owes her (according to her) because she nursed him through cancer and then he promptly dumped her, and got rich.

Guess who’s not crazy about the idea? Well, the ex-boyfriend, naturally, but also: his current girlfriend, who’s already got jealousy issues.

The dialogue is as limp as cheap balloon the day after a party. There’s no real chemistry between the two leads. Bibb’s character is so needy and entitled it’s hard to really cut her a break, and the overacting doesn’t help. It isn’t terrible, it’s just never good. Occasionally serviceable as a time water I suppose, but little more than that.

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