Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

You may have heard that one of your favourite Assholes is about to celebrate his 20th high school reunion – I recently lamented the fact that he expected me to accompany him in my Grosse Pointe Blank review\rant.

Romy & Michele is the second high school reunion movie to come out of apparently nostalgia-crazy 1997, and I’m starting to see an alarming trend here. These reunionites are dressed like romyit’s the second coming of the prom. I’m picturing Sean’s classmates as more the cutoffs kind, maybe denim accessories, vests without shirts.

Also super duper alarming: how EVERYONE goes back to track down their lost loves. Can you really be lusting after your high school crush a decade later?

This movie is so incredibly dumb, but it does prey on my worst fears about high school reunions.

“What’s the point of going if not to impress people?” they ask. Cue a goddamned helicopter. I mean, who, Sean, out of your graduating class, will arrive and\or depart by helicopter?

“All I ever wanted was for people to think we are better than we were in high school” they say. Um, right. Is this whole thing going to be one big circle jerk where they all compliment each other’s middling jobs and average offspring, or are they all just measuring each other’s metaphorical penises to see who wins most successful?

Speaking of which. Romy & Michele manages to get right down to the obvious with an award: Most Changed for the Better Since High School. Everyone is there to compete. Everyone hopes it’s them. But only one can win!

Does this sound super fun or what?

18 thoughts on “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

  1. Carrie Rubin

    I’ve never gone to a high school reunion, and I don’t plan to. But I did see this movie. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of it. That’s never a good sign.


  2. fragglerocking

    Do not go. It will be as bad as you think. Stay home with wine and a GOOD movie. High school reunions are obviously only for those who were there. I saw this movie so I know this.


  3. Sarca

    Good gravy. Go to my reunion to seek out my old high school crush?? F that S…That’s what Facebook is for, dammit! I have seen the future, and it hasn’t been kind to him if his profile pic is any indication…


    1. Jay Post author

      That’s a good question. I’m not up on all the Superman movies so I asked Sean and he said Superman 3 was bad – almost as bad as 4. The reunion didn’t make much of an impression on him though because at the tender age of 6, there probably wasn’t a lot of context. So compared to this forgettable piece of fluff? I’d probably put my money on Superman.

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  4. Anna (Film Grimoire)

    I secretly love this film. I also recently went to my 10th high school reunion and it was hilariously awkward and reminded me of this film. The principal went around literally high-fiving the people who went on to become doctors. I wish I made that up.


  5. Indah Susanti

    I have never been to my high school reunion, luckily, living far away from my home country is the reason. But yep, even in other continent, such competition do exist 😀 I would not mind to watch the movie if there is nothing else to watch..


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