Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

TMNT 2014 is an awful movie that also happens to be the most-watched movie by families at home right now. We sat through it out of morbid curiosity and wished we hadn’t, but a certain nostalgia was at play for Sean, who loved the original as a kid.tmnt

We found the original Turtles on Netflix last night and again, a whim was indulged. I’m not going to review this for you, because it’s a movie where grown men play teenaged turtles. In costumes. That talk with New York accents but say California surfer dude things. Oh, and they’re ninjas, trained by a huge rat named Splinter that took 3 puppeteers to control and who looks a little like my Yorkie, Fudgie.

It’s not great, but Sean had very fond memories of it that were sullied by this re-watching. I recently wrote about my own experience watching Annie for the first time in at least two decades, and how it didn’t measure up to my memory either. So instead of reviewing the movie, I’m asking you about your own experience – have you ever had a childhood memory tarnished? Ever loved a movie as a kid and then hated it as an adult? Not all movies age well, and not all people do either! I suppose it’s inevitable that some movies will lose their magic, and I suppose it’s just as possible that some movies never had it, they just had little fans with rosier eyeglasses.

2 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

  1. mattasshole

    I was devastated to discover that Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is pretty much unwatchable now that I’m an adult. Dumb and Dumber isn’t much better either. I think I might skip rewatching TMNT (1990) to hang on to what’s left of my childhood memories after watching TMNT (2014).


  2. BroadBlogs

    It’s funny how things sometimes don’t measure up to your memory of them. Sometimes it’s childhood foods that I loved and now I can’t figure out why. Oddly, I still watch a lot of holiday specials from my childhood and still enjoy them. I guess I like the nostalgia of it all.



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