The D Train

Back in the 90s when I loved me some bad TV, I watched a show that only managed 21 episodes over its 2 seasons, but man was I hooked. It was called Second Noah and I’ve often wondered if I made it all up as I seem to be the only earthling to remember it (ever so fondly).

IMDB is backing my story up and reminding me that it was about a writer who married a zookeeper, and then adopted 8 kids and untold number of secondnoahcute animals. That was all background as far as I was concerned because the hunky oldest son, naturally a bad boy, was played by James Marsden. So that’s how I discovered him (and also Joey Lauren Adams of Mallrats fame, who played his edgy girlfriend). You can bet I was all over him in Disturbing Behaviour, was disappointed some idiot covered his handsome face in X-Men, had my ardour cooled when he appeared briefly in Zoolander as John Wilkes Booth, but anyway, he’s bona-fide Hollywood now and mugging like crazy in this new movie with Jack Black, also known (apparently) as Bad Bromance.

Jack Black plays a family man who thinks high school werjackblacke his glory days. He’s not exactly right – he was a loser then and he’s a loser now, but he’s super keen on organizing his 20th high school reunion. His classmates aren’t quite as excited so he flies to L.A. to convince the class’s most famous and successful alumni (James Marsden) (who has james_marsden_d_train_trailerjust appeared shirtless in a national Banana Boat commercial) to accept the invitation.

Turns out, hotshot commercial actors are only fun up to a certain point. And what point is that? Well you’ll have to watch to find out. The truth is, this is a pretty standard comedy. Jack Black plays uptight pathetic weirdo remarkably well and James Marsden takes no effort at all to play too handsome for his own good, successfully pulling off man jewelry and sexy salt and pepperdtrain stubble. Katheryn Hahn, Jeffrey Tambor, and Mike White (sadly underused) round out a funny cast in a not funny enough movie. As a dramedy it manages to fail on both counts, offering no character development and only half-hearted chuckles. But as a vehicle for seeing James Marsden’s dreamy pecs, it’s aces – fair warning though, it comes with a heaping side dish of Jack Black’s tits as well, so you know, really think about whether you’re up for that.


14 thoughts on “The D Train

  1. theipc

    True story – I went to high school with “Jimmy” Marsden. He was a soph and I was a senior so, back in those days, the two classes didn’t mingle but I remember seeing him around various Friday night party hardies. Then I ended up marrying a junior. Robbing the cradle!

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  2. Liz A.

    I deliberately skipped my 20 year high school reunion (even though it was being held not far from my house), so I’m not about to go and see a movie about one. But that’s just me.


  3. Carrie Rubin

    I heard about this one and wanted to see it, but then it fell off my radar. I’ll catch it when it’s on DVD. (Maybe it already is.) I always enjoy Katheryn Hahn too. She plays mostly sidekicks, but is always funny in them.


  4. Christopher

    Must you shame those who wouldn’t mind seeing Jack Black’s tits?

    Now I’m off to see if “Second Noah” is available through Netflix or on DVD because that actually sounds mildly amusing.


  5. John Charet

    I have not seen this yet and have not heard of it until today, but great review anyway 🙂 Speaking of film on a guy trying to relive his youth, did you ever see The World’s End which was directed by Edgar Wright, who also did Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz? I love all three of those films 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂



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