Wino Forever

Today we’re leaving San Francisco to explore wine country. Does it make us sound like lushes to admit this was the whole reason we planned this trip?

sidewaysBefore they were Spiderman villains, Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church were wine loving assholes just like us. The pair are not very likeable men in the movie Sideways, but they sure do bond over bottles of fine wine. Sales of Pinot Noir surged after this movie hit theatres and of course sales of Merlot plunged. It was a little film that could, showing that life can be both funny and tragic at the same time. Alexander Payne (along with Jim Taylor) took home the Oscar for its stellar screenplay and it, along with its four leads, had plenty of acclaim. I liked it the minute I first saw it but after “cellaring” it for a bit, I find that it has matured, and I suppose so have I. It’s a thoughtful movie that pairs well with stuffed olives and\or brie. 😉

We three Assholes don’t need wine to get us going and we don’t drink to get happy – we drink toow0sx3sk2bvbtpymxwaqrnmdimw get EVEN MORE happy! And we’ll be sloppily happifying all over California wine country today (don’t worry, we’ve engaged a chauffeur), and steadfastly keeping each other’s hair out of the spit bucket (I never spit anyway, I’m definitely a swallower).

We’ll be sure to be updating our twitter account with drunken trip highlights all week long – join us @assholemovies .



17 thoughts on “Wino Forever

  1. reocochran

    My favorite wine movie is with a boy and his great uncle. The boy grows up to inherit the winery and grape vineyards in I think, France. It is one of my favorite Russell Crowe movies since he is the man who must go back and face past happy childhood memories. I think it was a simple title called A Good Year. It has really beautiful scenery.
    A Beautiful Mind is my other one.
    Sideways gets better with time like good wine. California is a place I have never been to. Saw the Eastern side of the Grand Canyon and all things east of there. 🙂 Hope all went well with all the trip.


  2. Jay Post author

    We drank A LOT. So many vineyards loved to quote this movie – particularly since it caused a lot of the small vintners to rip out their merlot vines and lose a great deal of money over it. Not so cool. But the wine was stupendous, we drank sooo much (and yes, we had hired a driver) and had a lot of fun. We even brought plenty home so we can “revisit” soon.


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