Freeheld Premieres at TIFF to an emotional audience

It’s really exciting to be at the Toronto International Film Festival and very cool to be in the audience for the world premiere of a movie like Freeheld. Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, and Michael Shannon all walk the red carpet before addressing the audience to introduce the film, and then sit down to watch it themselves. It’s a special thing to share a movie theatre with the very people who have made the movie but it is very moving, and a profound honour to share it with the person who inspired it. Last night, Laurel Hester’s widow, Stacie Andree, was in attendance.

Packets of tissues were given out to us as we gained entrance, and as I made liberal use of mine, I wondered what this experience was like for her.

I hope it was cathartic. I hope it was empowering. I hope it was a fitting tribute.

I’ll write an actual review on this later; for now I want to reflect on what it means to have been part of this.

11 thoughts on “Freeheld Premieres at TIFF to an emotional audience

  1. elisa ruland

    Toronto is fabulous on it’s own, but you’re there attending the film festival, which is sooo much more interesting than what I’m doing right now. I was going to tell you to have fun (the mom in me) but of course you’re having the time of your life. I’m looking forward to reading about it.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I can only imagine the magic of the moment, in the presence of thos on screen, the filmmakers, and the real people. Wow. The gravity of that room must have weighed on you. You’re lucky. Looking forward to your review. The trailer was stellar. I can’t wait to see this myself.


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