My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Bigger, Fatter, Greeker: 14 years after the original burst onto the scene, taking Hollywood by surprise and launching Nia Vardalos into instant stardom, comes its unnecessary sequel.

Oh sure all the endearing characters are back from the first – and their sugar-coated stereotypes too. Opa!

Watching this movie is a lot like visiting your family: yes they’re a little racist, and lot invasive of your personal business, but they’re familiar, and mostly harmless. They mean well.

Nia Vardalos, writer and starย of both movies, pulls from her old bag of tricks and has literally nothing fresh to offer. Characters Toula and Ian (token white guy – John Corbett) have a daughter now who’s all grown up and wearing makeup. She’s threatening to go to NYU, and an empty nest does not look good on Greeks. What to do? Well, neglect your marriage, for one. But insert yourself into everyone else’s. Add 2 cups chopped spinach and about 8 sheets of phyllo dough and you’ve got yourself a recipe for spanakopita if nothing else.

This movieย has a very slim demographic: die-hard fans of the first film (such as Nia’s mother, perhaps?) and ladies optioning their senior’s discount at the box office. I had the pleasure of catching a matinee of this movie among some very gray heads, and they laughed at some very strange moments that I failed identify as jokes. But yes, this movie is the kind of safe, benign, watered down humour that relies heavily on clichรฉ: exactly the kind of thing your grandmother will enjoy.

18 thoughts on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

  1. Jenna and Allie (@FlickChicksBlog)

    I’ve embarrassingly never seen the original, but I know it’s often held in high esteem, and I was considering watching it asap so I could see the sequel, too. After reading the reviews though, I think I’ll pass.
    This was a fun read as always! ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Allie


  2. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy

    I fall squarely into the camp who really wants to see this because they loved the first one so much (it’s the Greek in me – it’s like watching my family on the big screen). You could tell me it’s the worst film ever and I would still see it (actually, I am guessing that we all have those sorts of movies – ones that we know are going to be bad, but for some reason we will still see it no matter what).


  3. Liz A.

    From what I’ve read, this sounds like it fell into sequel syndrome–redo the first movie because that worked so well. The problem is, an audience would kind of like to see a new chapter, not the old chapter just rehashed.


  4. Christopher

    After the first I expected great things from Vardalos…which failed to materialize. To be absolutely fair I’m not sure if that’s her fault or Hollywood’s, and I’m sure she was pestered to do another Big Fat Greek Wedding.
    And to be fair I’m still not sure if this is her capitulation or if she sincerely wanted to do a sequel.

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  5. Carrie Rubin

    Yeah, I felt the acting was off and the editing stilted, but I still enjoyed it for what it was: light-hearted matinee fare. Needless to say neither my sons nor my hubs went with me.


  6. kmSalvatore

    Wow.. Really 14 years? Where the heck did the time go. I couldn’t wait to see this movie.. And I left kinda unfulfilled for sure. I have to admire I really went to see John c. . Yep, fell in love with him on northern exposure.
    So… I will be passing up this sequel .. Anyway, I imagine it’ll be on tv soon enough.))) right


  7. Jen

    I loved the first one so much and so I am sure I will be watching this one soon. I had unfortunately heard though like you shared that people weren’t feeling this one as much as the first.


  8. Colane Conundrum

    Yeah, no thanks. I don’t even remember the first one, but I remember it was a huge deal. I don’t think I liked it. Otherwise, I’d remember at least a smidgen of what happened. I’m going to guess there was a wedding.


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