Jenny’s Wedding

This movie is awful in its way, trite and plodding. It’s a piece of antiquity, not in any charming retro way, but in a flat-out has no reason being in 2016 kind of way.

Jenny (Katharine Heigl) has been hiding a secret from her family, and it’s kind of a biggie. She’s gay. They might stop setting up with guys if only she’d tell them, but while they’re gently prodding her to settle down, she’s surreptitiously planning a wedding with her “roommate” Kitty (Alexis Bledel).

And it turns out she was right to keep this part of herself hidden because when the truth does come out, it doesn’t go well. I’ve never been so disappointed in Tom Wilkinson in my life. That’s not as out of the blue as it sounds – he plays her dad in the movie. And upon reflection, I have indeed been more disappointed in him.  Remember that train wreck Unfinished Business? That was a pretty dark period in our relationship.

Anyhow, back to the movie, which is already 20 years out of date before you even drive it off the Netflix lot. But the embarrassing truth is that this movie still made me cry. Twice. Because even though we should have moved on from this story by now, the reality is that not everyone is as cool with these kinds of revelations as they should be. It’s 2016 people: get with the program!

And there’s never an excuse for such a reductionist, trite piece of work. The lesson in tolerance is a little tone deaf. The script sounds like it came from a faded pamphlet shoved through the mail slot by one of their conservative church friends. It’s gross. It’s a washed out version of a movie that came and went at the turn of the century. This one is entirely missable.


18 thoughts on “Jenny’s Wedding

  1. Lara/Trace

    You know it bothers me when studios make these movies, spend all that money, then it’s a waste of time and crapola. Happens way too often!


  2. Carrie Rubin

    I haven’t even heard of this one. I used to always know what movies were out there. But that was in the age of movie theaters and DVDs alone. Now with Netflix and all the other streaming networks that make their own movies, I’m in the dark more than I’m in the light. Thank goodness for A-holes Watching Movies or I’d be doomed!


  3. Lloyd Marken

    An old high school friend of mine came out in 2008. I graduated from high school in 1998. There were people who were known to be gay but did not come out until the first month after we graduated. Kids can be cruel, my hats off to the teenagers who are openly gay while at school. At the time I understood why you would hide it at school. When my friend came out 10 years later I couldn’t figure out why he’d lied about his sexuality to those who were close to him for so long. Didn’t he know we’d still love him? I’ve since been told it’s not always about fearing how the world will react or how family and friends will treat you. Sometimes it’s just about your personal journey of self identification and self discovery. Wouldn’t that journey make for a more interesting film?


  4. Liz A.

    Too bad. It’d be nice to think everyone in these days was enlightened about things like this, but I’m sure there are pockets of the non accepting. That’s probably who this movie was made for.


  5. reocochran

    I actually like Katherine Heigl so I watch her movies. I also liked Alexis Bledel in “Post Grad,” 2009. If cwas a real graduation movie where she goes home and her Dad has a luggage shop, Michael Keaton and a rather real and not sarcastic at all, Jane Lunch plays her Mom. The boyfriend is so sweet with a hunky neighbor thrown in. . . unexpected failures and finally throwing caution to the wind.
    I am thrilled about Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Netflix upcoming 4 new “movies” which are Gilmore Girls continued. In honor of the song that Carly Simon wrote for the TV show there will be 4 (1 1/2 hour “movies” or shows.)


  6. kmSalvatore

    speaking of Katherine Heigle.. lol she is appearing in a commercial about cat littler these days:)))).
    yes and now im going to have to break down and get Netflix as well… im a closet Gilmore girl:)



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