Night Owls

We’ve all been there: it’s late, she’s hot, you take her home even though she’s maybe a little crazy. The sex is good because that’s all there is. Dirty, nasty sex. Classic one night stand. Which is what Kevin thinks he’s doing with Madeline until their hook up turns into her suicide attempt, and he realizes he’s not at her house, he’s at his boss’s house, the one he shares with his wife and kids. Sooo….what the fuck?

smoke.pngBecause the plot necessitates it, he can’t call an ambulance in the name of “discretion.” I hate this movie less than 10 minutes in. I have 0% sympathy for 100% of the characters.

A highly qualified foot doctor shows up and slaps her back into consciousness, only to abandon his patient (and his Hippocratic oath), obligating Kevin to “keep her alive” through various contrived soul-baring, post-suicidal flirting sessions. I burst a blood vessel from rolling my eyes so goddamned much.

156 words to say: Not good. Not worth it. Bad bad bad. I could have used its 90 minute run time to drive to the dive bar down the street, make eyes at some loner on a barstool and had my own ill-fated one night stand, and even factoring in some disappointing sex and a persistent case of The Herp, I still might have come out ahead.

15 thoughts on “Night Owls

  1. Jay Post author

    I could barely stand to watch it out of the corner of my eye. It was too embarrassing. Like it had spinach in its teeth and I couldn’t bear to tell it.



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