Where To Invade Next

Michael Moore is a bit of a trial. He’s a ham who manages to insert quite a bit of himself into every documentary he makes, whether the subject warrants it or not (mostly not). I also think he’s a patriot in the truest sense of the word: he questions things, not to tear down the country he considers to be great, but to make it even greater.

Where To Invade Next sounds like another documentary about George W.’s cauv-s3ukaaf8io-1failed wars and his love of randomly selecting countries to pillage. It’s not. Moore is symbolically “invading” various European countries so that he may “steal” their best ideas and bring them home for implementation. He looks at labour rights, education, women’s reproductive health, the financial crisis, and prison systems – inarguably ALL things that the USA is currently getting wrong. Just all kinds of wrong. Moore visits countries to “pick their flowers”, not their weeds, and cherry picks the best reforms that seem workable and right.

And that’s the infuriating thing about Michael Moore. His methods aren’t exactly truthful, but he’s right. He’s not concerned about appearing unbiased. He doesn’t need to consider the other side. He presents things as he sees them, in a persuasive and personal way. Which is why Michael Moore is where-to-invade-next-body2perhaps the most well-known documentarian, at least in America. He makes documentaries that people care to watch. Hell, they sometimes even screen in theatres. Real theatres!

Unfortunately, Moore has never been good at converting people. Teaching us – sure. But he won’t convince anyone who’s not already on board. In Where to Invade Next, Moore visits 9 countries, and they’re all quite worthy. Unfortunately, some of the principles require more than 10 minutes worth of explanation. His ideas are sound, but like my math teachers would always tell me: show your work! Giving us the answers has only limited appeal. We want to know how you got there. This film is simply Socialism 101, a scratch-the-surface survey course with an affable, wheezy professor.

23 thoughts on “Where To Invade Next

  1. Brittani

    I’ll see this when I get the chance. I’ve always been amused by the hatred thrown at Moore. I know he’s not the most likable dude but some people really hate him. I wonder if they even sit through his docs or just hate the fact that he doesn’t like Bush or guns?


  2. J.

    I haven’t seen a Michael Moore documentary in a while – possibly Bowling For Columbine being the last one I watched. I do like him, though. He knows how to get his opinion across and he’s passionate.

    I mind he was on Newsnight over here and there were two Americans in the audience who questioned him on his patriotism. I believe he responded by saying there was nothing more patriotic than demanding more of your country and question on those who lead it. Something along those lines. It was the Bush-era. (Disclaimer: I might have the quote and show slightly wrong, it was a while ago!)

    His recent pieces on Trump are spot on, too. Well, to a non-American non-Trump supporter, so I guess I’m no expert (but does it take one to know that Trump is a walloper?)

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    1. Jay Post author

      I think he’s right about patriotism, obviously. We should always want to make our countries better, and there’s always room for improvement. As a fellow non-American, non-Trump supporter, I can only agree.

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    2. allendemir

      It’s funny how America’s changed in the years sense then. Now many of the same people who questioned the patriotism of people criticizing American policies are supporting a guy who’s always doing the same.


  3. allendemir

    Yeah, you nailed it with the converting line. Moore’s such a divisive figure these days among politically opinionated people that many already hate it before they even see it, so it can become a ‘preaching to the choir’ sort of situation.


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