Short Film: Where You Are

A young mother continually loses her son to time and to space. It sounds like sci-fi but it’s actually a bittersweet testament to childhood flying by. Each moment, each stage is gone so quickly, and we see it all through this woman’s parental panic as she literally grasps for her son. It’s parenthood in an emotional 12 minute chunk: a reminder to stay in the moment, to cherish time, to be present.

Written and directed by Graham Parkes, Where You Are stars the astonishing Sarah Burns, who you may know from EVERYWHERE. She got her start playing Barney (yes, THE Barney), believe it or not, but has since appeared in nearly everything – including Grandma and Slow Learners more recently. Parkes uses long, uninterrupted takes to help draw us in to Burns’s increasing urgency and bafflement. Feel free to watch the film if you’ve got 12 minutes to spare (and your kids are in bed) and let us know – can you relate?




10 thoughts on “Short Film: Where You Are

    1. Jay Post author

      I felt the same. You feel like you’re just catching up to a new situation and already it’s gone and you just want to hold on to something!!!



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