Green Room

I think we can all agree that Jeremy Saulnier would make a terrible dinner party guest. He’s the writer-director of the most sadistic movies I’ve ever seen and I think someone needs to give him a houseplant and one of those sappy Hallmark cards with a nice beach scene on the front. Like, the man needs a hug only I wouldn’t recommend anyone get close enough to give him one. A man who makes movies this crazy has to be a little deranged, right?

Okay, I don’t really know a single thing about Saulnier, and judging by his IMDB profile pic, I’d say he’s a Mumford & Sons listening, Wholefoods shopping, Keds wearing dude like any other. Only he’s also a brilliant writer and director who just happens to like fucking with people.

I watched Blue Ruin all by my lonesome and survived. Green Room is even downloadmore of a trial. It’s about a not very successful punk band on a tour of tiny bars and rec rooms about to head home when they get one last gig that pays too well to ignore. They should have ignored it though because the neo-Nazis who show up to hear them play are a little more than they bargained for. Shit goes down, and it’s not just uncomfortable racist undertones, it’s more the literal tearing out of your throat variety.

It’s a horror-thriller that doesn’t apologize for relishing the bloodiness of greenroom4the genre, but this one has the surprising addition of exceptional acting. I liked Blue Ruin for defying my expectations of the genre, and Green Room of guilty of the same, to some extent. It has a real plot and a set-up that won’t make you cringe in its obviousness or its thinness. When Saulnier’s name is attached to a film (this is his third – the perfect opportunity, and maybe his only opportunity to indulge and be indulged in such a gorefest) you’re pretty much guaranteed a nail-biter. There’s breathtaking cruelty around every corner, but I was even more surprised by the tiny flickers of humanity that sneak up on you.

Green Room is not an easy watch, but if you think you have the stomach for it, you should probably put Saulnier on your watch list.


19 thoughts on “Green Room

  1. Carrie Rubin

    Every time I reach for that DVD in the library I think, “Hmm, not sure I can take this.” So I put it back. It will likely be especially hard to watch now with what’s going on in the US political climate. Hubs saw it and said it was good, so we’ll see if I get up the nerve.


  2. J.

    Really quite keen to see this one despite expecting it to be quite a tough watch. A friend of mine saw it a while back and recommended it.., though he did mention it was relentless.

    Blue Ruin: I thought that was pretty brilliant… even if it was a tad grim!


  3. Chris

    As you say a pretty good horror-thriller and quite claustrophobic. It isn’t perfect, and a shame the characters lack distinguishing traits. I wouldn’t be able to describe them, except the obvious girl or boy, goodies or baddies.


  4. Docthewho

    Rip roaring thriller, great to see Yelchin in a great role, really liked Imogen Poots in it as well, I still think she’s pretty underrated.


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  6. The Chaos Realm

    Finally got to see it! But watched it right before bed…definitely an uncomfortable trip into the past (there were a lot of skinheads in Florida for a while…90s?). Whew. But, I loved when they started out playing Dead Kennedys for the skinheads!



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