Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Heartbroken over a breakup with his TV star girlfriend, Peter takes his tears on vacation to Hawaii only to find that his ex is there too – with her new boyfriend!

You’ll find a theme here over the next 2 weeks: Hawaii. And that’s because Sean and I are Hawaiing it up ourselves. I made up that word, but I couldn’t have made up the great state of Hawaii because it’s just too beautiful and magical for normal people to process. That’s why they put it way out in the middle of nowhere, so that you’d have to really want it, you’d have to earn it in the getting there. The travel is so arduous that by the time you debark, you’re in deep need of a vacation, and as luck would have it, you’re in paradise.

forgetting-sarah-marshallForgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed on Oahu, which is the island we happen to be flying into today, and from which we will embark on our cruise in a few days (near the beach where the plane’s fuselage from Lost was filmed, which I like to believe is not an omen).

It’s a romantic comedy for guys. Peter (Jason Segel) is messed up and fsm-pinavbewildered, but why not be bewildered with an orchid in your hair, right? Segel wrote the movie based on many of his real-life breakups, like from his own TV-star (ex)girlfriend, Linda Cardellini (they starred in Freaks and Geeks together). He wrote the part of Aldous Snow with  his Undeclared costar, Charlie Hunnam, in mind but it was Russell Brand who brought Aldous to life and then kept the character alive in Get Him To the Greek.

I wonder if the movie theatre on our ship will be playing Hawaiian selections. I also wonder if, on one of our multi-island destinations, we’ll find out whether or not the rumour Sarah Marshall shares is true: is one of them really filled with lepers? Stay tuned to find out!


18 thoughts on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  1. Patrick Leamy

    This movie is hilarious! Great post too. Would really appreciate if you could go have a look at my blog. It is for college and I am graded on interaction such as likes, followers and comments. Thanks!. Hopefully I have covered a movie that you enjoy!.


  2. StephLove

    Enjoy Hawaii. We went for the week between Christmas and New Year’s when N was 7 months old. It was magical and perfect for vacationing with a baby because there was something beautiful– beach, hot spring, rain forest, lava field– all a stone’s throw from our house on a sea-cliff. I’d love to go back some day.


  3. J.

    I actually quite liked this one. I had no idea Hunnam was in mind for Brand’s part… every day is indeed a school day!

    Enjoy Hawaii and the cruise!


  4. ninvoid99

    I hope you do enjoy your time in Hawaii as this is one of the best films set in the state. Aloha is not one of them. In fact, it is one of the worst films ever made. If I ever see Cameron Crowe. I will kick him in the nuts. Go to his house and DELETE, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE his entire music library!!!!!!!


  5. kmSalvatore

    oh you are just to funny JAY, i have to tell you my hubbys cousin went there for a nursing job along time ago, married a native and never looked back. of course he was a pretty famous surfer back in the day, and i have yet to have gone there,
    ok, back to your movie now, i have seen this movie, seems like it airs alot..or im stuck watching it alot?? enjoy your time.. and do a pig roast, anf get all the lays you can 🙂 🙂 🙂



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