loganWe reached comic book movie overload several years ago and the number of those movies has only increased since. It seems clear they are not going away anytime soon. At least there are a few I can sell to Jay as having something original to offer. It helps that she has endless patience for the things I enjoy. Based on its trailers and positive reviews, Logan was one of the easier sells in recent memory. And while I doubt it justified the superhero movie genre’s continued prominence for her, I think she may have enjoyed it. Well, once the Deadpool trailer ended – I’m pretty sure she hated that especially since it pretended to be the start of the film.

nepbctpbbkoesw_2_bLogan is an interesting take on a superhero movie. It’s based on Old Man Logan but barely. It includes X-23 and Professor X, but that’s about it for recognizable mutants. It’s not a franchise builder; it’s a coda. And that’s a refreshing change that helps the movie immensely. We’re so used to these movies going bigger and bigger that I found it immensely refreshing that Logan chose to act like a regular, standalone movie, and tell a self-contained story that entertained on its own merits.

I also found it fascinating that this movie is set in a quasi-apocalyptic America, circa 2029, where all the Americans wanted to escape to Canada, and it was an entirely believable situation. ikea-mexico-border-wall-spoof_dezeen_heroThanks to the election of Donald Trump, the collapse of the U.S. in the next 12 years feels like a realistic scenario. So you best be nice to us or we will build our own border wall at your expense. Yeah, it sounds just as stupid when I say it as when Trump does.

Anyway, in conclusion, Logan is awesome and you should go see it. It’s a really good movie that happens to star everyone’s favourite X-Man, a few times over. Farewell, Hugh Jackman. I am comforted somewhat by the fact your Wolverine will continue to exist in the hundred alternate timelines created throughout the course of the past nine X-Men movies. So let’s not say goodbye, let’s just say, “Hugh! Come back!”

28 thoughts on “Logan

  1. Gastradamus

    Hope its a good one. Will be seeing it soon. And thank you so much for the informative piece. I’m actually in the process of publishing my first novel. Its called Eaten an Eskimo. We have released a rough draft for it on my blog at Gastradamus and we could use all the tips we can get. Your thoughts would be legendary. Make Logan proud

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      1. J.

        I guess taking it in a different direction was a good move for Jackman & Co. Hopefully I’ll get to see it over the next few weeks.


  2. Gabe Burkhardt

    Sweet! Another movie to talk my wife into seeing if she threatens to drag me to the next 50 shades of crap!

    Although, to be fair, I love me a good Marvel/DC comics movie, so I’m going to see it anyway.
    Now I can also say it was well reviewed by the experts šŸ˜‰

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  3. Lloyd Marken

    You nailed it on the head. There’s finality to this which is sorely missing in franchise films. We are told a story and things that happen in it have consequences. It also despite the wavering quality of the X-Men films trades history in a good way.


  4. sportsattitudes

    It was quite the ride. A long running time…but I suppose to tell all of this particular tale it was needed and appropriate. The air of “conclusion” was thick throughout but as well, a whole new direction for this cinematic universe will certainly be born. Actions have consequences and we don’t always get to see that in this genre. We certainly do here.


  5. kmSalvatore

    I just saw that on the news, about Jackman. saying he thought it best to get out while the getting was good. I was never a fan of this type of movie, I think I’m a loner:)))


  6. Wendell

    Glad you enjoyed this. Also happy Jay seems to like it. It most certainly is awesome and everyone really should see it. Just, please, don’t build that wall. I may need to make that move if this BS Trump has going continues.

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    1. Sean Post author

      The whole concept of a walls is so very un-Canadian. Of course, we used to think the idea was un-American as well. But if I have anything to say about it, we’ll be here if you need us. We always are.


  7. Docthewho

    It’s a thoroughly fun.. well interesting last ride for Logan, don’t know if fun’s a goo word But yeah it’s a trip for sure, Jackman acts his heart out, has some great emotional highs and lows and a good send off.

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