Ant-Man and the Wasp

ant man and the waspThe very definition of superhero fatigue is seeing the latest Marvel instalment and having nothing to say. Not a speck of inspiration. Is that Ant-Man’s fault? Only partially. It’s very by-the-numbers, it doesn’t add anything to the ongoing MCU saga, and it’s hard to go back in time prior to Avengers: Infinity War, when we know half of these people will soon be dust (and also, soon after that, not dust anymore so the MCU can keep churning out sequels).

But also, when we’ve had a run of Marvel movies with spectacular visuals and fresh takes on flagship heroes (Thor: Ragnarok), timely and thoughtful takes on nationalism with a fully realized villain (Black Panther), and massive, galaxy spanning tales crammed with practically every hero there is (Infinity War), Ant-Man feels so small. While that’s entirely fitting for Ant-Man, it is a drastic change of pace from those three prior MCU films in particular, and the one-upping arms race that has been the MCU since the start.

Jay said some time ago (maybe on the site, maybe just to me) that the coming-of-age moment for superhero movies was when subgenres started popping up – superhero satire (Deadpool), superhero western (Logan), even superhero rom-com (this movie!). So maybe it’s time to get past this shared universe thing and evaluate Ant-Man as an actual movie. And on its own, it’s a team effort featuring a lot of memorable characters, a nice will-they, won’t-they featuring charismatic leads (and equals), and an entertaining way to spend two hours at the movies.

Overall, though, it’s a good thing we have a break in the MCU schedule until next spring, because I badly need one. Of course, you can be sure that I’ll be in line when the next superhero movie comes out, dragging Jay along like always.  What can I say? I’m addicted, always have been, but it’s to the point where I need something stronger to feel as good about these films as I did in the early days.


24 thoughts on “Ant-Man and the Wasp

  1. Jay

    I like Paul Rudd and Michael Pena very much from other things, and they’re welcome additions to the MCU for me. But this movie made me like the wasp. The first movie didn’t treat her very well, and certainly didn’t make me want to see more of her.

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  2. raistlin0903

    Well…I didn’t have any expactations for the first film…and I ended up enjoying it very much. For this one, I’m pretty much convinced it will not be earth shattering, but am still going to enjoy it anyway 😊😊 As for superhero fatique…it is slowly creeping up I guess, but I’m still not at that point where I’m not going to a theatre to see a new one. What can I say: I’m addicted too 😊😊

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  3. bookbeachbunny

    Agree this is pretty by the numbers though Wasps/Lilly and Ghost pushed it in to the win for me. I’d love to see more of them! I think my next superhero film is Aquaman so I’ve got a little time to decompress from it all!


  4. ninvoid99

    It’s a fun film that isn’t afraid to take itself seriously and just be light-entertainment. Yet, it has substance as it relates to the idea of family without being heavy-handed. Plus, how can anyone not love Luis? If you don’t love Luis, then you’re making me cry.


  5. Christopher

    After Wonder Woman I was kind of hoping the Wasp would get her own movie. Also I’m worried I should capitalize “the” when I talk about The Wasp. Actually it seems like she should be treated better since her uniqueness is emphasized by the definite article, and puts her in a small category of superheroes with The Hulk and The Thing.


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  7. Isey

    I felt like it was the perfect digestif after Infinity War and a nice balance to it. Kind of a perfect “Well, feel sorry for whoever is following THAT up” that was light and fun enough. The post-credits scene may have huge implications for Infinity 2 as well.


  8. Charles Frank

    To be honest with you, I was a little iffy on the first one. Nothing is really at stake here. It’s like SOLO. They are marketing it as just a fun movie to watch.
    I’d love to chat more. I work for Lucky Frank Studios. We do video production and are looking to make movies ourselves.
    Charles S. Frank


  9. terrepruitt

    I was annoyed when the first movie came out because I thought, “Oh, how stupid.” But it was entertaining and I like it. We watch it sometimes. I liked this one, too. I love Luis, they could do a movie just with him telling stories and I would watch it. He is hilarious.



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