The Book of Love

Truth bomb: I came upon this movie only because my friend Justin couldn’t stand it. And he tried. I mean, he watched a full 57 minutes, sweating profusely, pausing often to debrief his pain. The cause: Maisie Williams’ uneven accent. He couldn’t hack it. He also couldn’t place it. And good friend that he is, he thought I should have the chance to crack it. Since the film is set in New Orleans, I believe Cajun is the accent she was after. And since I don’t watch Game of Thrones (and Justin does), it wasn’t quite so jarring to me. But still kind of jarring. And hers isn’t the only one.

The premise: Jason Sudeikis plays a widower who works through his grief by a) growing a beard and b) befriending a troubled teenage girl (Williams) and helping her to build a raft out of garbage which she will then use to sail to the Azores. From New Orleans. Not symbolically.

Smothered with grief or not, I think it’s mostly understood that grown-ups are not allowed to help kids with projects that will certainly kill them. Right? But let’s cut poor Jason Sudeikis some slack. We’re not just talking about a dead wife, but one of those elusive COOL wives, the ones you don’t secretly loathe. His wife (Jessica Biel) was The Shit. Through extensive flash backs we learn that she was a manic pixie dream girl, except attainable, apparently. Way better than your wife. She was never not being crazy-awesome-cool. So it stung poor Jason Sudeikis really hard, guys. Really hard. It annoyed the fuck out of me, her constant perfection.

But anyway. If you’re a better person than I (and let’s face it, you likely are), this movie is about two people finding each other when they’re each at peak hurt and need. So that’s nice. Justin Timberlake does the music, which (sorry Jessica) is probably the only reason his wife gets asked to be in anything. The title of the movie is completely nonsensical except for the fact that they do play the song of the same name at some point. My sister danced to that song at her wedding, the Peter Gabriel version anyway.

Verdict. Don’t watch if you’re sensitive about accents. Do watch if you’ve just lost your Ultra Jiggy wife and you’re looking for reckless-child-endangerment ways to get over her. For the rest of you: it’s an okay watch. It doesn’t pack the emotional punch that it probably should, but hey: finally a movie about a dead wife and an orphaned kid where the box of kleenex is unnecessary!

11 thoughts on “The Book of Love

  1. Spoken Like A True Nut

    I don’t know what it is about Jessica Biel but whenever I watch her in anything I get the impression that’s she’s not really there. Like she exists halfway between Earth and a different plane or something, or as an exceptionally advanced hologram. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. There’s just something missing. I don’t get her at all.

    So between her and Maisie’s unfortunate accent, which drove me crazy just trying to watch the trailer, I’m definitely skipping this one.

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  2. Sarca

    LOL, no thanks! I guffawed at the manic pixie dream girl ref, because, let’s face it – pretty much every movie where there is a dead spouse to reminisce about, they are a magical unicorn.

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  3. The Inner Circle

    Just watched this and as a widower with that perfect wife,I can assure you,Jason Sudelkis went bat shit crazy with pain,he was all done as soon as his wife died. This movie is just one long ass suicide note for both Millie and Henry. I just wish they had left the dog behind…..a very sad emotional film I can relate with.



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