El Camino Christmas

I count Die Hards 1 and 2 as two of my favourite Christmas movies, so I’ve seen a hostage situation or two play out on-screen during the holiday season. But El Camino Christmas proves that not all hostage situations are created equal, mainly because not all cops are Bruce Willis. Some cops are Dax Shepard or worse, drunken Vincent D’Onofrio (who is either a very good actor or has a serious alcohol problem, or maybe both). El Camino Christmas is the opposite of a how-to hostage negotiation video, as things start bad El-Camino-Christmas-featureand somehow get worse.

With Dax Shepard involved with the film, I expected some dumb comedy but El Camino Christmas seems to not even be trying to be funny. And if it was trying, well, it failed miserably.

On the “plus” side, if you have been suffering from Tim Allen or Jessica Alba withdrawal, El Camino Christmas will give you a shot of both. Neither needed to be here but they both showed up anyway for a little Christmas green. Really, why not say yes, when Netflix is throwing money at everyone else?

Some of those other Netflix originals have been pretty good but El Camino Christmas is not even middling.  It’s a totally predictable, cliched, and boring film.  It’s not the least bit entertaining, not even unintentionally. There is really nothing to recommend about El Camino Christmas. It is bleaker than a stocking full of coal, so just watch those Die Hards again instead. Especially if you can catch the dubbed for TV versions for the true holiday experience. Yippie-ki-yay, Mister Falcon!

16 thoughts on “El Camino Christmas

  1. raistlin0903

    Haha: mister Falcon….wow, that one I had never heard of before. Glad we don’t have those dubbed versions here, as both Die Hard 1&2 are my favorites as well 😀
    Too bad about this film though. Seems like a wasted potential especially with a high caliber actor like Vincent D’Onofrio starring in this one. Oh well, at least I can skip a movie for a change 😊


    1. Sean Post author

      Sort of off topic but another horrible TV edit is Major League – if you liked Mr. Falcon you will love Roger Dorn’s crucial pep talk to Wild Thing Ricky Vaughan, but of course that’s a fall classic not a Christmas special.

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  2. Silver Screenings

    I didn’t mind this film, and I really liked Tim Allen’s performance. I thought it was a fascinating study of incompetence spiralling out of control. Maybe I liked it because I thought I would hate it, and was prepared to spend 10 minutes maximum with it, hate-watching. But I was quickly engaged, despite the predictability and the eye-rolling cliché of Alba’s character going into labour on Christmas Eve.



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