Once Upon A Christmas Miracle

Chris (Brett Dalton) is recently discharged from the Marines, home for his first Christmas in 5 years. He’s restless at home, and is looking into traveling overseas in order to contribute to the world.

Elsewhere in Chicago, Heather (Aimee Teegarden), a young nursing student, is diagnosed with liver disease and is in urgent need of a living donor for a transplant.

Can you imagine how these folks are going to intersect? In fact, he’s a friend of a downloadfriend and would have met her at the famous Krueger cookie exchange had he not ALREADY met her when they were both on bad dates at the same bar, struggling to get the same lame bartender’s attention. Anyway, Chris is a match and Heather’s family is so grateful they immediately adopt him, which could get awkward when things inevitably lead to sex (ahaha, just kidding, there’s no sex in Hallmark movies – a strictly pg, closed-mouth kiss while wearing winter coats in the very end).

Perfect man alert: not content to just give her body parts, Chris also finds a way to cover all the exorbitant costs. If she ghosts him (which, admittedly, is hard to do know you’ve got half his liver in your abdominal cavity), he might be a good guy to keep on speed dial. He comes in handy. I’ve even been preparing my astonished-yet-attractive face for when I walk through those doors on Christmas Eve: “A surprise party for little old moi???”

Not that I’m in need of a liver. In fact, I’ll be putting my liver through a rigorous exercise in Mexico this Christmas. A little year-end check up just to make sure it’s running in tip-top shape. I think it’s prudent.

Meanwhile, how can Heather ever hope to have an equal relationship with Chris when he’s already given her so much? Perhaps she should arrange for them to compare scars? Haha, of course not, strictly PG, people! But guess what: this is based on a true story! So if you’re not great with girls, be sure to keep this in your back pocket as last-ditch option…just be sure to give your liver a little tune-up once in a while, to make sure it’s a gift worth giving.

3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Christmas Miracle

  1. Shakura Mitchell

    I loved this movie my boyfriend works with the guy the movie is about he recommended it I literally was in tears the whole showing.He truly was a night in skinning armour



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