The Christmas Cure

Dr. Vanessa Turner (Brooke Nevin) finally gets a Christmas off from the hospital, where she is being considered for an important position. For now, she’s happy to return home to visit with her parents and brother…and maybe that handsome high school flame, at the same time? But then she finds out her father, also a doctor, is retiring right before the holidays, and taking over his clinic would be a convenient excuse to stay in town…Although, on the other hand, the clinic’s conversion is being supervised by handyman Mitch (Steve Byers), who reminds Vanessa of their shared memories and past relationship.

I’m not entirely convinced that the Turner Family Clinic SHOULD stay open, since downloadVanessa has a nasty habit of trying to set her little brother up with patients, which could get ethically “sticky.”

Patrick Duffy plays Vanessa’s dad, the other Dr. Turner, Bruce. He doesn’t bring a lot of energy to the role. I’d say that he’s also of retirement age, except Betty White is way past that, and she still steals every scene she’s in. But anyway, as a doctor and a doctor’s father, Bruce casts a long shadow, one in which Vanessa doesn’t really feel like living. So even though she feels drawn to the clinic, and even though Mitch is reluctant to tear down the scene of so many of their shared history, “you can’t hold on to the past forever.”

I don’t have much to say about this movie because it’s benign but flavourless. Not that I’m saying a malignant tumour would be tasty. I don’t believe you should eat them, even with sriracha. This movie is like a sugar cookie with no frosting and everybody knows sugar cookies were invented to be an inoffensive altar for the worship of about 2.5lbs of icing sugar. I’m not sure how many cookies you’d have to consume in order to enjoy this movie, but it’s clearly more than I had on hand. And what I had on hand was: sugar-less cough drops in popular “herb” flavour. And in this case, yes, I do think a malignant tumour might have been tastier.

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