When We First Met

Oh good, another Groundhog Day ripoff on Netflix. I complained heartily when I came across the first one, but clearly not loudly enough. HEY NETFLIX: CUT IT OUT!

This time it’s sad sack Noah (Adam Devine) who uses a photobooth to time travel back to the day where he met his true love Avery (Alexandra Daddario) – and she met someone Alexandra-Daddario-“When-We-First-Met”-2018-promotional-pictures-3else. He got friend-zoned then but he’s sure if he can just repeat that day enough times, he’ll eventually get it right, and she’ll realize that he’s her true soul mate.

The movie is so eager to play a trick on you that it literally sacrifices logic and good story-telling. Then, once the ball is rolling, you realize that you don’t care what the outcome is because Noah is so damned annoying you just sort of hope he gets sucked through a rip in the space-time continuum on his travels just so we can end this thing a little early. Noah is not a guy you root for and Adam Devine has now spent 100% of his career playing whiny, self-centered douchebags whose mouths literally resemble anuses. So I’m starting to think he’s just playing himself, and I’ve officially moved him over to my shit list.

There is not a single redeeming factor here. It’s best to keep a safe minimum distance between yourself and this movie at all times, so when browsing Netflix – beware.

15 thoughts on “When We First Met

  1. Hira

    If had a machine to go back , I will use it for better purpose☺ ..Don’t know about the movie, but I liked your review. No sugar coating, nothing to salvage. Poor Adam ..in shit list😁


  2. raysofsunshine779

    You know. I actually enjoyed the movie. I do agree that it was predictable, cheesy, and sappy af. But i needed exactly that. I have been searching for a good long while for something to watch and it was a nice surprise. Now back to rewatching everything on Netflix. Entertaining review tho bud!

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  3. Liz A.

    A Groundhog Day premise can be used for good. There is this one episode of Stargate SG1 that does it right. Oh, it’s brilliant. Since then, the repeated day trope has a lot to live up to.

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  4. jakoye23

    I liked it. After a stressful day at work, it hit the spot. I like Adam Devine’s comedy. Obviously those who don’t will not like this movie, since he’s the lead.

    The other actors are just ok, except for his best friend, who is also funny. The girls are meh and it’s not clear why they’re such great catches. Especially the “Avery” character, with her demon-blue eyes.

    But if you want a light, funny, rom-com, then you need to meet this movie.



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