Let’s get this out there first: Jay would never have a favourite Transformer, because they are all beneath her and far too nerdy. But if, IF, she liked Transformers then Bumblebee would definitely be her favourite, because he’s a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Jay has owned three Beetles, blue, white and red, and she would have owned more if only Volkswagen hadn’t stopped production. So last time we got her a car we picked a yellow Mustang which probably would have been a yellow Beetle instead if Volkswagen was better at business.

Just like Jay had to start fresh with a Mustang, Bumblebee is a fresh start for the Transformers franchise after a good start turned into a string of horrible sequels. We are taken back to the 1980s as the Autobots flee their home planet of Cybertron, which has been taken over by the evil Decepticons. Bumblebee is one of the fleeing Autobots and he ends up on Earth with instructions to scout out the place and wait for his friends to arrive. But of course, the Decepticons track him down first and the little yellow Transformer needs the help of his new human friends to save the world.

I was expecting Bumblebee to be as terrible as the last Transformers movies, or possibly worse. It’s not. It’s smaller, more focused, and succeeds in getting the franchise back to its roots by telling a story about humans working together with good robots to stop bad robots. I feel certain that in doing so, Bumblebee also sets an unbreakable record for most 80s references crammed into a single film, by including ALL OF THEM except Hands Across America which Jordan Peele must have reserved in advance for Us.

Despite its efforts, Bumblebee is still not actually a good movie, and I’m sure Jay hated every last minute (except possibly the parts where the Beetle was driving along the California coast). But it’s a fun diversion, it’s by far the best Transformers movie since the first one, and maybe there’s hope for the future of this franchise as long as Michael Bay can keep away from the director’s chair.

13 thoughts on “Bumblebee

  1. ninvoid99

    I don’t know if I want to see this as I’m not a fan of any of the Transformers movies. Mainly because Michael Bay is a no-talent hack but since he didn’t direct this. I’ll give it a chance.


  2. selizabryangmailcom

    Lol. I have to agree with ninvoid99 about Michael Bay, but the first Transformers was a lot of fun, hilarious much of the time, and carried well by Shia LeBeouf. It’s better than Bumblebee, in my opinion, which was all over the place, super corny, and predictable.

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  3. Jason

    I actually liked it, especially coming The Last Knight. While the continuity of the franchise is a bit mixed up (is the movie reboot or a prequel?), Bumblebee is a “return to basics”, focusing more on characters rather than confusing story narratives and bloated action sequences.


  4. Lloyd Marken

    I was a bit underwhelmed too given the positive reviews. It has heart which goes a long way, a focus on characters, some good laughs and for 8ps fans some nice references but also I was a bit bored at times. I wonder what kids think.


  5. Orca Flotta

    “Bumblebee also sets an unbreakable record for most 80s references crammed into a single film”
    What about Stranger Things? It even features Wynona Rider; I mean how much more 80s can you get? LOL … Oh, ST wasn’t a single flick? OK, forget everything I just said.

    What I liked most about Bumblebee was Haylee Steinfeld. Rest of the movie was so so.


  6. Orca Flotta

    “Jay would never have a favourite Transformer, because they are all beneath her and far too nerdy.”
    Typical for us girly reviewers, isn’t it? We are custodians of pretentious, ultra-boring crappy flicks. As long as it says Arthouse on the box and has ultra low production values and was made by mostly well-meaning (aka clueless) amateurs we’re fine and happy with the product.

    No, not really. I, for example, love my action space adventure like every guy. But the fun stops with crappy directors such as Michael Bay, Rupert Sanders and Ruin Johnson and the likes.


  7. raistlin0903

    I have always been a huge Transformers fan (ever since I was a kid that is) and in a way I still am. The Bayverse version of Transformer, has never been able to fully recapture the spirit of the old show. Due to some health issues I sadly missed out on this one in the theatres but I do plan on seeing it, as I hear it does come close to recapturing that old vibe so to speak.
    Lol, and you writing that it breaks the record for pretty much including the most 80’s references ever only makes it even more of a must see for me, as I love the 80’s 😊
    Great post! 😊


  8. Liz A.

    Even with all that said, I’m not going to sit through a Transformers movie. I didn’t like Transformers in the ’80s (and I was the right age for them), and I don’t like them now. Even if the trailer didn’t look too terrible.


  9. J.

    I’m actually surprised this isn’t awful. Each sequel has been worse than the last to the point I was watching just to see exactly how bad… I swear it’s intentional.



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