Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce

Another sleepless night, Sean snoring beside me. Suddenly, around 5:30am, all the usual racing thoughts preventing sleep start to congeal into just the once: today is Beyonce day.

Beyonce has been Queen for a long damn time. She’s more Queen than the Queen of England, because that lady is a figure head and Beyonce is for real. Beyonce is not just a pop star, she is a cultural icon, more than her voice, more than her marriage, more than MV5BNWYwMTExOTAtNjVmYi00MWVjLTgzZWUtZTI0OTE3YTgwMjM3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjg2NjQwMDQ@._V1_her style and her fame and her talent. She was a successful, powerful black woman, her success and power being so seemingly limitless that they transcended gender and race. And at the height of that power, Beyonce claimed both her blackness and her womanhood in a way that was political, artistic, and impossible to ignore. Now we need a word that is somehow more than Queen, and maybe the only name worthy is Beyonce itself.

Homecoming is a documentary detailing Beyonce’s brilliant performance at last year’s (2018) Coachella. But just as that show was more than a concert, the documentary ends up being much more than a recording. It’s a testament. This is Beyonce clearly comfortable in her strength, and the evidence is written in her lyrics, in her stage presence, and all over the damn screen. We witness Beyonce the businesswoman, Beyonce the workhorse, Beyonce the mother and wife, the artist and creator.

After a 22 year career, Beyonce has a whole lotta laurels upon which to rest her world-famous booty. Her name alone is enough to have Coachella gagging. Which is to say: she does not have to work this hard. She’s working like she’s NOT the most famous woman in the world. But Beyonce wasn’t going to just bring her music to the festival – she brought her culture, and she gave it to the people. She worked for 8 months to deliver a powerhouse 2 hour performance.

Fan or not, it’s completely impossibly to tear your eyes away from this woman so fully owning her power. A woman who – dare I say it? – is feeling herself, and not apologizing for it. Not one bit.

14 thoughts on “Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce

  1. Orca Flotta

    “She’s working like she’s NOT the most famous woman in the world.”

    Well, here’s the difference: I am in fact the mostest famoustest woman in the world and I’m not working … like, not at all.
    Hey Bey, you jelly?

    Oh, gotta split now, my slaveboy just arrived to massage my back. =^.^=


  2. K E Garland

    Just had to pop back by and and tell you this review made me want to watch this, so I did. You were right. I’m not easily inspired, but this was one of the most inspirational things I’ve seen in a while.


  3. regansimonson

    Love this, I completely agree! I was there at the performance and I blew me away, Beyonce really proved her dominance. Until Homecoming came out, I had no idea the meaning that went into her performance. I love how Beyonce uses her talent and fame to shed light on topics that need it and pays a tribute to those who deserve it. She is constantly one step ahead of everyone else and proves that she is more than a performer but an artist.


  4. deauxdeauxdeaux

    whatever anyone can say about her being overrated, you can’t deny the woman’s work ethic. She’s basically the exact of opposite of famous for being famous people in the world today. I tip my hat to her.


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