Assholes Drink Around The World

After nearly 2 weeks at Disney World, the Assholes have been deep in recovery mode. This video is the first in a series of answers to the question: Why?



Note: we’re not the first to accept the “Drink Around The World” challenge, or the last – let us know if you’ve attempted too.

Note 2: it would help us out enormously if you Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and even more so if you shared the video after you’ve watched.

8 thoughts on “Assholes Drink Around The World

    1. Jay Post author

      So were we! We worried about it quite a bit beforehand and went for it anyway with the caveat that we could abandon ship at any time. It wasn’t necessarily. We drank lots of water and tried to eat regularly, and it went so well we went back a second day and did it again, with different booths!
      Thanks for watching – it takes newbs like us a lot of time and effort to put together even a video as bad as this. Your support means a lot!

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