Oscar Predictions 2020

We three Assholes got together to talk Oscars in a major way.

We’d love it if you care to eavesdrop and while you’re there, hitting the Subscribe button is a sweet, sweet treat that’s free to give and very gratefully received.

6 thoughts on “Oscar Predictions 2020

  1. papasha408

    Actually, I’m truly surprised the Oscars don’t have a Holocaust Fairytale to vote for this year. Maybe, even the Hollywood elite are realizing everyone is getting sick and tired of silly propaganda.

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  2. Birgit

    I enjoyed listening to your YouTube channel Oscar pics. I just came back from viewing the Oscars and was surprised Parasite won Best Picture. I don’t think it deserved that…I would have given it to 1917. I hope yo give my 2 cents worth for Monday



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