A Ring For Christmas

Spoiled party girl Angie Moore (Liliana Tandon) is living the high life in New York City – shopping, eating at the best restaurants, making it rain on the Salvation Army Santa kettle – and best of all, no job to go to on Monday morning! She’s totally funded by her mother, until today. That’s right, Margaret (Lorraine Bracco) is putting her foot down and cutting her daughter off, for some reason, on Christmas day – which is only 3 weeks away!

Angie’s not about to give up her life of luxury nor is she about to get a job, but it looks like she won’t have to: she gets wind of a handy little loophole. Turns out, her parents have set up a ‘marriage trust fund’ – a sizable chunk of money to be received upon her wedding day. Now all she needs is a groom! So off she goes to her hometown of Greenwood (where mom’s the mayor!) with a man in her crosshairs. Tyler (Charles Hittinger) was her high school crush and a teen heartthrob. Luckily he’s also got some business ambitions that could use a cash infusion, so he’s into her proposition. BUT, Tyler is best buds with Gabe (Dean Geyer), her onetime BFF, and he’s a little judgy about their mercenary intentions, and might be harbouring a bit of a crush himself.

Will Tyler get to set up his after school program for kids? Will Gabe save his grandpa’s diner? Will Angie find a way too mooch off her parents forever? And, um, discover the true meaning of Christmas along the way?

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