Capital in the Twenty-First Century

We’re fucked.

We’re fucked we’re fucked we’re fucked.

Capitalism is a no good very bad thing and we’ve rather negligently allowed a very few elites to accumulate all of capital. And land and resources and everything! We’re fucked. We’re fucked we’re fucked we’re fucked.

We are rapidly heading toward the old 1% aristocracy vs. your unwashed masses in a very real and alarming way, and may I remind you that the unwashed masses were dying of dysentery in the streets. We are fucked.

The middle class is disappearing. Or has perhaps already disappeared and we’re not willing to admit it yet. Upward mobility is nearly impossible. Parents can no longer guarantee a better life for their children.

Meanwhile, the very rich amass fortunes that are so vast they’re meaningless. They avoid paying taxes, which means countries have fewer resources to provide safety nets for the rest of us. And then that wealth is inherited by the next generation, keeping it out of the economy and out of the hands of those who actually worked to earn it. Every year, owners take a bigger and bigger slice of the profits while the labourers receive less and less. There is no way to get ahead. Debt is rampant, home ownership declining; we only just started to climb out of the 2008 recession and now thanks to a pandemic, we’re likely to face another. Minimum wage frontline workers risk their lives to keep society functioning while corporations race to monetize a cure.

We’re fucked. If you want to better understand just how fucked we are and who exactly to blame, watch Capital in the Twenty-First Century on Netflix.


4 thoughts on “Capital in the Twenty-First Century

  1. Anonymole

    Capitalism, constrained, does work… When both corporation and society enters into a win/win relationship.
    • Win/Win: a corporation that makes a better, safer, cheaper service or product will earn more. And society wins for the same reason. Technology, transportation, food, drink, entertainment — all can be Win/Win.
    • A Win/Lose or Lose/Win is when a corporation wins while society loses. Corp-Pharma is an example. Novo Nordisk wins when everybody becomes diabetic. Society, of course, would lose. Or, if diabetes is someday cured, Insulin manufactures would lose, but society would win.
    It’s a simple but effective logical application. Only allow capitalism for Win/Win situations. All other W/L, L/W concerns should be socialized.

    I did say “constrained” capitalism. Like this:



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