Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Samantha (Emilie Ullerup) is switching gears – she’s just finished submitting photos for a Boston newspaper’s Christmas insert which could lead to a job offer, but now she’s on her way to her family’s Cape Cod summer escape which she’s avoided ever since her mother’s death 13 years ago. There are lots of painful memories to navigate but also a happy occasion to celebrate – her father Lee’s Christmas Eve wedding to Helen. Sam has just a few days to meet her future stepmother, act as a maid of honour, and help her father decide whether they should sell their vacation home, but her time is even further constrained when she learns she has to resubmit new photos for the insert.

Luckily her childhood friend Mike (Josh Kelly) has been acting as the summer home’s property manager and is on hand fixing a pesky leak just in time to volunteer as her own personal Christmas concierge, whisking her to all the local sights that might make for a winning festive photo. You might not be surprised to learn that Sam and Mike’s past friendship verged on the romantic before they agreed the timing wasn’t great. Now that they’re spending such quality time in each other’s company again, sparks are reigniting, but neither wants to start a relationship that might prevent the other from pursuing their dreams. Conundrum!

Don’t worry guys. This is a Christmas romance, where love always prevails. In fact, you’ll never really doubt that it does. Added bonus: you get two love stories for the price of one, as Lee and Helen celebrate their second chance at love while love blooms among the poinsettias for Samantha and Mike. Yes, there will be bells. And ice skating, Christmas cookies, even Santa on a boat, which is the one unique thing this movie has going for it

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