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We’ve had to cancel our 2020 Disney World trip due to COVID concerns; yesterday there were more deaths in Florida than there were cases in all of Ontario. Not to mention the Canada-U.S. border has remained closed to keep the virus at bay (Canadians worked hard collectively to shut things down and flatten the curve early on and we don’t want our efforts wasted by an errant American visitor, who’ve played so fast and loose with people’s health).

Disney World closed its gates for many weeks but is now reopened despite an alarming increase in new cases in Florida (and elsewhere of course; Florida is by no means the only American hotspot). For now, our only Disney travel will be in our dreams, and by trips on the nostalgia train with videos like this one.

We truly value each and every one of you who has discovered us on Youtube and lent their support with subscriptions and comments.

p.s. Apologies if I’ve been appearing and disappearing as a Follower on WordPress. I’ve had some recent interruptions and I’m still trying to gain back my list!

12 thoughts on “Disney Park Tag

  1. leendadll

    fyi: the WP followers list routinely goes MIA and reappears. It’s been a bug as long as I’ve been on the site (10yrs). People are still following even when the list is empty. If you need people’s site links, I recommend making a copy the next time you get a notice about a ton of people following you.


  2. Liz A.

    Disneyland totally wanted to reopen on July 17th. Their employees protested, and they scrapped that plan. California would have closed them again, anyway as our numbers are spiking. It’s too bad we don’t have a government anymore. What we could have done with some leadership…

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  3. ninvoid99

    You Canadians are smart unlike us stupid Americans. Don’t go to Florida. It’s terrible.

    A co-worker of a dry cleaner’s that my mom does sewing for went to Florida a few weeks ago to visit her niece on her birthday and came back with COVID along with her boyfriend and everyone else at the party. Her boss told her not to go to Florida. She’s not going to get fired but still, it was a stupid thing to do.

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  4. Robyn

    I think a lot of America’s numbers have to do with the upcoming election. I have had a couple of acquaintances take a positive COVID test and then five subsequent negative ones – but the positive one counted for some reason. Our family doctor is so frustrated with the validity of the results. That doesn’t change much for us. We still have avoided all social gatherings because who knows who has traveled to a hot spot and not quarantined themselves for 14 days like they should. I am sorry you lost your trip to Disney. I can tell how much you enjoy Disney from your posts. We lost our trip too, although ours was to a lake house in New York. It’s just not safe right now. I am hoping once November passes, and the election is over, we start to see some truth to what is really happening over here. Because we would like to take a break when the waters are safe.


  5. StephLove

    I have a cousin in Florida who does not seem to be taking many precautions, from her FB feed. Kind of scary. Anyway, they’ve been to Disney, but I think it’s best you stay where you are.



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